VATICAN: Pope Francis is still inexplicably ill

Editor’s Note: Inexplicable, because the Vatican’s explanations for Pope Francis’ illness do not match their response to it. — Indeed, it appears that Pope Francis has some sort of medical problem that could or does involve serious regular interventionist, such as transfusions or blood dialysis, and thus prevents him from traveling, but not from public audiences.

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One thought on “VATICAN: Pope Francis is still inexplicably ill”

  1. We cannot rely on ‘EWTN News Nightly’ for the Truth, as they are “in the back pocket” of the USCCB and, therefore, cannot publicise anything outside the propaganda-narrative of the moment……

    As for the slimy-friend-of the-CCP, Cdl Parolin, “Addressing Climate Concerns” at the COP28 ‘summit’ that is so absurd that it is laughable bearing in mind the Vatican’s manifestly anti-Christian prioritising of Mother Earth’s health over the immortal souls of the Church’s zillions of faithful Catholics……

    Kyrie eleison;
    Christe eleison;
    Kyrie eleison.

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