GERMANY: Mysterious letter in German would have world believe Pope Francis is against his own agenda

Editor’s Note: The Letters to the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rome demanding a provincial council to rebuke and/or depose Pope Francis are having a discernible effect at the Vatican, which now appears to be in total downfall-protection mode. In recent weeks, we have seen leading conservatives, who may have been suspected for backing the Sutri Initiative, such as Bishop Strickland and Cardinal Burke, publicly humiliated; the Cardinal Secretary of State pen a letter to the Bishops of Germany saying no to sodomy and women clergy; and now this mysterious letter, which bears the signature of the Pope, but in German, not Italian or Spanish, as he is want to sign his name. — All strategies which appear to be crafted to make Pope Francis appear to be a Catholic, on the one hand, and squelch the Sutri Initiative on the other hand.

This should encourage all to join the Sutri Initiative, because only good will come from exposing the true character of Pope Francis. For no Catholic would ever act in this way. For a true Catholic would promote men like Burke and Strickland, and issue definitive recantation of his own errors, and use official acts which are binding to squelch heresy and schism. But Bergoglio, contrariwise, uses the real force to persecute Catholics and the appearances only of authority to deny heresy and schism, while remaining perfidious to the Faith in his angry silence.

So, keep sending the Letters of Petition!

Finally, several commentators have been attempting to post addresses or electronic emails in the comments here at FromRome.Info to make it easier for others to participate in the Sutri Initiative. But I am not allowing the publication of such lists, so that every Bishop who receives such letters, knows that each signatory took the personal effort to contact him. That makes each letter much more powerful in its effect. — In fact, adding your own personal cover letter, with your own faith testimony, is even more powerful. Be Catholic. Be Creative. And be Militant!

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