SPAIN: Opus Dei Business Graduate & Prime Minister Bans Rosary in Public

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2 thoughts on “SPAIN: Opus Dei Business Graduate & Prime Minister Bans Rosary in Public”

  1. Hello, Brother. I recently found the following quote:

    “Rabbi Angel Kreiman recently contended that Josemaria Escriva’s teachings are strongly rooted in Talmudic traditions about work. Kreiman, who is the international vice president of the World Council of Synagogues, made his remarks in an address to a congress in Rome on Opus Dei’s founder.The Talmudic concept of work, said Kreiman, is that “work is not a punishment, but man’s duty, a blessing from God that allows us to fully enjoy the Sabbath and allows us to be in the image and likeness of God.” Likewise, the rabbi noted, work was central to the teaching of Josemaria Escriva, who saw it as an original vocation of man and a blessing from God.”

    What is the Christian conception of work? Is it considered a punishment? How does it differ from Opus Dei’s conception of work? Do you know any good source to read about this topic?

    Thank you.

    1. The Rabbi is fudging. He is claiming a Biblical notion as a Talmudic notion, to claim that Opus Dei shares Talmudic ideas. Well it is true that Escriva is of Jewish descent, but the problem with Opus Dei is that Escriva set himself up over Jesus, on the matter of the Evangelical Counsels, which Escriva thought were only for religious, not all Christians. I think the Rabbi is trying to say that when the Globalist establish a one world religion, Jews should join Opus Dei.

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