UK: Survey finds Church lockdowns caused widespread Mental & Physical Harm

Editor’s Note: Church leaders who closed the doors of Churches are evidently now liable for fraud, constructive fraud and harm, in that they took donations to preach the Gospel but acted like Satanists and denied Jesus throughout the Scamdemic, harming souls and bodies. — Let the lawsuits begin for those who remain impenitent. For those who do repent, let reparations be made!

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4 thoughts on “UK: Survey finds Church lockdowns caused widespread Mental & Physical Harm”

  1. Wasn’t harm in all ways possible the goal of Ai/Bioweapon Injections, Marital Law and Psy-Ops of the most obvious attack by the Black Nobility towards World Coup?
    Oddly enough…Some people generally do want what they can’t have and have awakened to the fact of God being the ONLY TRUTH worth trusting in when they were not allowed to seek him in any church. Many continue to seek to steal souls from God with these repulsive desires towards some wacked-out ‘singularity’ of union between humanity and machine…So, God is the only protection of the human soul; or even animal souls…In the end as all life is being attacked by the Satanic/Luciferians.

  2. This Catholic Herald article makes no mention of one very important fact – the secular State/Government has NO authority inside of any Catholic place of worship – they are the houses of GOD and therefore the Divine Law rules supreme – the ‘Law of the Land’ ceases once one enters a Catholic place of worship.

    This fact was also ignored by our spineless Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales who, as we now know, were just ‘obeying orders’ from the Vatican who were obeying the satanic Globalists/Freemasons.

    Christus vincit;
    Christus regnat;
    Christus imperat.

  3. The Archbishop of Southwark wrote to Boris Johnson calling for the Government to shutdown the Churches and then spent his time in lockdown drinking Negronis with the then Cathedral dean (who was subsequently deathvaxxed)….I kid you not.

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