USA: First Humanoid Robot Factory to open in Salem, Oregon

Editor’s Note: The abomination of desolation is about to be born. These robots will replace human workers at Amazon, and eventually replace human workers in the entire logistic industry. And this is just the first step. — Amazon, however, is about to implode as a company, since having transferred most of its human response team into AI, it has begun to alienate even more, if that were possible, its human customers; violate numerous laws for interstate commerce; allow its platform to be overrun by AI generated fake sellers and fake products. — Amazon, which is being sued by the Federal Trade Commission for 5 separate offenses, recently doubled down and began racketeering conspiracy against small businesses, by issuing in September a letter threatening all of them with termination of their Amazon Pay accounts unless they hired a new employee to manage an account with them. Their complaint department is now totally automated, which means that any AI Complaint generating bot can take down any seller on the platform with false claims and charges, as there is no human there anymore to appeal to. — One wonders what kind of company Amazon will be, or whether it will even be, when it begins to use these humanoid robots in its stock rooms.

From a point of view or morals, it is a grave sin against the Creator to ape an intelligent being artificially. And it is a grave sin of superstition to trust a machine as if it were human. Thus I believe there are strong reasons to argue that Catholics should never own humanoid robots and have the moral right to destroy them upon sight. If we do not draw the line soon, about eliminating such abominations from human society, the event of the Movie Series, Terminator, will soon be brought upon us by the Globalist Elite, who have already, in the Georgia Guidestones announced their goal of killing off all but 500 million humans. And the easiest way to do that is with a Robot Army. And yes, robots that can shoot guns have already been developed. The Drone Wars are not far off, now.

And no, I am not exaggerating ….

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