VATICAN Insiders confirm’s Report: Pope Francis is seriously & chronically Ill

Editor’s Note: This blog is published by insiders at Vatican News. It uses its words carefully, but normally publishes to urge journalists to dig deeper into the story. That the pope might die this month, as the 1979 book predicted, is back on the table, as a real possibility.

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN Insiders confirm’s Report: Pope Francis is seriously & chronically Ill”

  1. Certainly looks like a prednisone swollen face, or a similar steroid medication. It would reduce his lung inflammation but at his age he would be closely watched by his physicians while on it as it can affect other organ systems.

      1. My guess is congestive heart failure with kidney insufficiency/failure. This would explain the chronic fluctuating breathing problems, as well as the drastic…and rapid…fluctuations in his weight, bloat, puffiness, etc.

      2. I would venture perhaps the same reason why Joe Biden’s handlers keep him in the public eye, although he clearly has dementia issues. They don’t want a replacement.

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