VATICAN Trial ends with accusations that Secretariate of State is full of incompetents

Editor’s Note: The London investor’s agent has spoken the truth, here. While anonymous commentators, who seem to have a lot of knowledge about the internal workings of the Vatican are trying to gaslight folks in comments at FromRome.Info Video — comments which never pass the litmus test for publication — the truth is that the Vatican under Jorge Mario Bergoglio has not been reformed or cleaned of criminality, but quite the contrary, has fallen into the hands of one of the most incompetent and criminal cliques of clerics in a thousand years. The persecution of Bishops, priests and even Cardinal Burke is simply a sign of a mafia which cannot stand anyone honest in its territory. And which will attempt anything, from robbing and squandering 10 years of Peter’s Pence collection to asking the Italian State Police to expel Italian Citizens from Italy, as the subsecretary of State tried to do to me, when I visited Saint Peter’s Square on Feb. 13, 2020. — I pray that Mincione’s lawsuits against these creeps in European Countries go forward and are successful. The whole lot belong in a prison, not in the service of the Church.

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