National Catholic Register promotes candidacy of Cardinal Burke as Pope Francis’ Successor

Editor’s Note: Here in the pages of, my readers know that they will find mostly articles which criticize Cardinal Burke, and some of those severely. I have never met the man and he has never granted me the opportunity, when I requested it. But seeing how dire is the situation of the Church, I penned an essay last week about why I think he is one of the prime candidates for the next pope. — A lot of writers and thinkers read FromRome.Info even if it is still verboten to admit it. And this article at National Catholic Register, which appears only to be informative, seems to confirm what I said in my essay, with the greatest discretion; because, there is no reason now to tell the English speaking world who Cardinal Burke is, as he is well known, unless you think he is a likely candidate in the next Conclave. And why on earth would you think that on the Feast of Saint Nicholas of Myra?

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4 thoughts on “National Catholic Register promotes candidacy of Cardinal Burke as Pope Francis’ Successor”

  1. National Catholic Register is part of the EWTN group which, as I have sometimes commented, “is in the back pocket of the USCCB”…….
    So, which prelate[s] in the USCCB is/are reading, and not disagreeing with,…….??

    1. I think Pope Francis has achieved the impossible, to be hated, despised by nearly all parts of the Church. You see, the Faithful in the USA give to their parishes and dioceses in proportion to what kind of Pope is in Rome, because in their mind, the Church is all one, and so I bet Pope Francis is also hurting their bottom line. He certainly is helping to expose them as soulless lackies.

      1. Fair comment.
        Now we wait for Divine Providence to enact “the biological solution” on Francis 1 the not-so-Holy-Father…….following which the eligible Cardinal-electors have a truly awesome responsibility to elect a virtuous, compassionate, intelligent, well-respected prelate who can begin to restore some of the manifest damage & wreckage that has been done since the Spring of 2013……

        Christus vincit;
        Christus regnat;
        Christus imperat.

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