Cardinal Gregory says if you don’t like the Novus Order, you can leave the Roman Church

Editor’s Note: And yes, it’s not a joke, but the reality, that his talk was called, “Celebrating Diversity”. In my many years studying Anthropology, the only celebrating which has to do with a “slow and bloody death” is the Aztec (Pachamama) kind on the top of a Meso-American pyramid, when they disembowel the victim. I think it is not satire to say that the Religion of Pachamama is going to be followed by the rubrics of Quetzalcoatl.

I must, add, however, as someone of Greek and Italian heritage, that Cardinal Gregory is a cultural racist and should shut up when the topic relates to the culture which civilized his ancestors.

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6 thoughts on “Cardinal Gregory says if you don’t like the Novus Order, you can leave the Roman Church”

    1. You are insulting filthy things everywhere by applying that word to these “cesspools of iniquity” presently infecting the Church.

  1. Was Cardinal Gregory one of the participants in the Vatican for the reported ceremoney to Lucifer, or what? Odd, been sensing the same thing you’re speaking about Tenochitlan…And, anybody viewing those obsidian knives in the cases within the Archeology Museum in Mexico City used to disembowl human sacrifices knows pure evil is awakened as never before in time in history with all the barbarity, blood and gore of paganism involving all cultures before the birth of Christ. Is it possible people don’t really grasp what they’re doing? It’s guterally horrifying…Not terrifying; unthinkably insane and repugnant to imagine.

    1. But then one Good Friday, Hernán Cortés arrived in Mexico and that was the end of the human sacrifices. Yes, it was divinely arranged for sure. One wonders who will dispatch these butchers. I dream of asteroids, hordes of enemies invading their dioceses, plagues galore wiping them in a cruel fashion. “It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” (Hebrews 10:31)

  2. When referencing thr Novus Ordo, he talks about Paul VI, JPII, then skips over Benedict XVI and goes straight to Pope Francis. He does not once mentione anything about Sumorum Concilium.

  3. Mary, you and other parishioners may have been an unsuspecting target of The Delphi Method. I was once, too, at a very left-wing paris. It is designed to reach the pre-determined decision of the moderator. I think its origin is Soviet-like.

    If you’re interested in more, I located this…

    UK government uses Delphi method to manipulate outcome of public consultations
    The Delphi method was developed in the 1950s by the Rand Corporation as a mind control technique. It aims to bring groups of people to a pre-determined consensus.

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