Catholic Charities from Child-Trafficking to full throttle war against Carbon Fuels

Editor’s Note: The Catholic groups calling for an end to all carbon fuels by 2050 are listed in the above article. The time for a perpetual boycott of these groups has come.

“It was issued by 14 Catholic organizations: the Laudato Si’ Movement; Caritas Internationalis, along with national Caritas chapters for the U.S. (Catholic Relief Services), England and Wales (CAFOD), Scotland (SCIAF) and Germany (Misereor); religious order groups at the U.N. UNANIMA International, Vivat International and Carmelite NGO; Medical Mission Sisters; International Young Catholic Students; International Movement of Catholic Students; Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa; and Boston College. In addition, the letter has been signed by more than 14,600 people, as of Dec. 6.”

Catholic Charities is the charity arm of all Catholic dioceses in the world. When you give a donation to your parish, they might be getting a percentage ….

I would recommend writing to your local bishop and informing him, that you won’t be sending him a penny of your money, if he does not break all financial ties with Catholic Charities (Caritas), on account of this godless call of theirs.

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2 thoughts on “Catholic Charities from Child-Trafficking to full throttle war against Carbon Fuels”

  1. CAFOD has been supporting contraception & abortion in some countries in recent years – how anti-Catholic is that?!
    And yet, our lukewarm & spiritually slothful Bishops Conference of England & Wales keeps promoting this so-called ‘charity’ and encouraging the faithful to donate to it……
    So the global-warming propaganda of all the GOD-less puppets of satan will, no doubt, result in a further ‘push’ for funding……

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