Verrecchio says that the Grifter-Collective have self-emasculated themselves by inaction

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2 thoughts on “Verrecchio says that the Grifter-Collective have self-emasculated themselves by inaction”

  1. Well worth reading – thanks for sharing.
    The “Conciliar virus” is an apt term; it has infected every level of the Church’s hierarchy & laity over the past six decades……
    The ‘Church Militant’ has gone a.w.o.l. nearly everywhere……
    It has morphed into an effeminate, lukewarm, spiritually slothful herd of sheep without a shepherd……

    “Remember, Christian soul, that thou hast this day, and every day of thy life:-
    GOD to glorify.
    Jesus to imitate,
    The Angels and Saints to invoke,
    A soul to save,
    A body to mortify,
    Sins to expiate,
    Virtues to acquire,
    Hell to avoid,
    Heaven to gain,
    Eternity to prepare for,
    Time to profit by,
    Neighbours to edify,
    The world to despise,
    Devils to combat,
    Passions to subdue,
    Death perhaps to suffer,
    Judgment to undergo.”
    [‘Subjects for Daily Meditation’; 1962 Roman Missal]

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