USA: Bergoglian Administrator tells Bishop Strickland to get out, but you can still say mass

Editor’s Note: In the latest scene in the shrill melodramatic opera which is going on in the Diocese of Tyler, Texas, we learn that the Bishop never told Bishop Strickland he could not say mass any more in the diocese, he only suggested to the papally persecuted Bishop that he should get out of the diocese (i. e. and never come back?), in pleasant words. — I am obviously interpreting. — But the drama shows that the Bergoglian interloper does not know in what charity consists, for telling a Bishop Emeritus to leave the Diocese is far worse than denying him the faculty to never say mass in the Diocese.

This article above, is from, which is D.C. Controlled Fake Catholic opposition group, with no ties to the Church. LifeSiteNews was founded by John Henry Westen who was recruited by the Gladio Network in the USA to influence Catholic media and news in the USA. — The Bishop’s denial is equivocal, because you can be told a thing without receiving an “instruction”,  a term which implies a formal or canonical request invoking obedience.

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