Benedict XVI Sedevacantists hold online conference to complain about Pope Francis

Editor’s Note: I could do a 2 hour video listing the errors found in this video, but it would be tiresome. Nevertheless I publish this for those who are curious about the development of their position.

Everyone in this video did absolutely nothing to see that the Apostolic See had a successor to Pope Benedict XVI. And from that you can gather quite easily that they are not being sincere when they say they want a Catholic Pope or a canonically valid pope. — This video therefore will surely contain some elegant and sophisticated theatricals.

And I can end my introduction, with, “I told you so”, because if you did not participate in supporting the Assembly by Catholics of Rome to elect Pope Benedict XVI’s successor on January 30th, of this year, of 2023, then you were and still are grifting on the issue, and no one should believe anything you say, as you have entirely discredited yourselves.

In fact, if you are willing to do a conference with Archbishop Viganò, who says Benedict XVI unpoped himself in Feb. 28, 2013, then you are doing what you told everyone since 2016 should never be done, that is, condone that the Conclave of 2013 was canonically valid, at least in its being convened. — And thus, you show that grifting on a problem is more important to you than both the truth and consistency. And yes, Anne Barnhardt does make it clear on her web site that she is more interested in views than in removing Bergoglio, because no canonical solution is proposed and no action item other than vain proposals which would require a Catholic pope, are given.

But how are we to get a Catholic pope, if as you say there can no longer be a valid Conclave if Pope Francis’s cardinals attend?

A souffle of hypocrisy, that is, all that this is, in the end. Shameful.

But don’t get me wrong, the charges against Bergoglio should be brought in Council. What is disconcerting is that some want to talk about the charges but not bring them.

Oh, and if you ever meet anyone of these, mention to them the Sutri Initiative, and don’t be surprised if then you watch them run for the hills. Because it takes love of the Church and a real desire to solve the problem, to want a solution and work for it.

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3 thoughts on “Benedict XVI Sedevacantists hold online conference to complain about Pope Francis”

  1. I think this is the type of thing the Bible warned about, not to make your brother or sister stumble in their faith. You are always mindful of not doing that, so thank you.

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