Allen: If Pope Francis might be about to change the rules of the Conclave, so what?

Editor’s Note: Here is where, even John Allen admits the truths FromRome.Info has spoken about for more than 2 years, that in ancient times, from the beginning, the Clergy and the Laity of the Church of Rome elected the Pope. He is referring to the original manner of papal elections, by Apostolic Right.

I am not too concerned about a pope changing the rules for the election of his successor, so long as the rule of Apostolic Tradition is not transgressed, namely, that only those can be electors who are members of the Church of Rome, and for the laity that requires that they hold canonical residence, but for the clergy that they are incardinated in the Church of Rome. Here “Rome” refers to the  Church which is represented by the Diocese of Rome and its suburbican suffragan dioceses, all of which were once part of her in apostolic times.

If a new papal law did include those as electors (with active right to chose the pope) who were not members of the Church of Rome, the law would be invalid, and that would create chaos in the Church, since the one elected would be elected in a doubtful manner.

I am not too concerned, however, because whether man changes the rules he can change, or does not change them, God wins in the end.

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