ARIZONA Christian arrested and blamed for Australian Police brutal murder of antiVaxx Family

Editor’s Note: FBI arrests ARIZONA Christian for “promoting” by social media tweets a “Christian Extremist terrorist attack” in AUSTRALIA last year, wherein Aussie police assaulted a Christian Family AND MURDERED THEM ALL FOR NOT TAKING THE CLOT SHOT.

Evidently the Globalist’s new game is to blame the murders they committed on Christians who influence others from other parts of the globe to resist the Covid Scamdemic. This is obviously a tactic designed to squelch free speech round the world. All the police have to do is to allege that your anti Scamdemic social media comment causes someone somewhere to resist tyranny.

Next, we will have the Minority Reports on wrong-thinkers, wherein you will be arrested because the State’s AI monitoring supercomputer determines that you might express dissent at some future date.

The above carefully prepared report was repackaged on a number of MSM websites, including those in the Islamic world.. It is clearly straining to make it appear that the man from Heber Overgaard, Arizona, is guilty of something. The man arrested was not named, to prevent social media outrage and any fund raisers for his legal defense. This is clearly a politically motivated arrest.

However, a bystander recorded the arrest and more information came out the day later in the local press. It appears that the FBI used 20 undercover agents to arrest Mr. Donald Day, Jr. at a Chevron gas station. Video included. Clearly the FBI was thinking when they chose to arrest a man at a public gas station with numerous bystanders and thousands of gallons of explosive material all around. But then again, when might makes right, might makes right.

Australia, which has become a completely twisted Marxist Dictatorship, is still allowing to be published the report by ABC Australia in which the murder of the family by the police is called a terrorist attack on the police. This report was featured last year at FromRome.Info and constituted one of the most upside down and backwards piece of reporting during the entire fake Pandemic, in which the guilty are presented as victims and the murdered as the perpetrators. This was clearly a home invasion. And still it appears that the State of Australia cannot manufacture facts to report, to make it seem to be anything other. In fact, it was reported on Nov. 26, of this year, that “the terms of the inquest have still not been finalized”, but that the Australian Intelligence Agency is sticking to its laughable “Christian terrorist” characterization of the owners of home which suffered armed invasion by the Police. See here ….

However, the story becomes even more bizarre now that the indictments of the Grand Jury in Arizona against Donald Day, Jr. have been published:

I say bizarre, because it seems that they are trying to use a statute for interstate crime against a US citizen because someone in Australia saw it, as if Australia was another US State. Again, because he made a YouTube video against the WHO which YouTube somehow failed to zap into oblivion on the day of its creation.

Evidently you could threaten WHO with death but not criticize the Vaxx. How strange is that. It makes no sense, unless you consider the Pandemic was a psyop for world control.

And he is indicted for commenting AFTER THE FACT about the police murders in Australia! But he was arrested for inciting it. — Retroactive criminal liability. That’s something entirely new.

So remember to watch what you say! Because what you say tomorrow could be the cause of a crime committed yesterday, in the New World Dystopian Dictatorship.

And the truth of this entire event is perfectly clear, since the Australian Govt. after a year still has not given the public a fact based explanation of what happened, for only the guilty side hides the evidence.

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