Archbishop Viganò: Bergoglio is the False Prophet foretold, but don’t do anything about it

Editor’s Note: At the very beginning, the Archbishop says that only recently are Catholics asking, “Is the pope Catholic?” — And here I have to chuckle, because this shows that he was entirely out of touch with Catholic social media for the last 10+ years, as voices were calling him a heretic from nearly the day of his uncanonical election (cf. Rorate Caeli’s Argentine informant).

But the Archbishop says this because obviously the most glaring thing about his very correct denunication of Bergoglio now, is why he took so long to go public?

However, leaving this aside, nearly all sane Catholics already agree with what the Archbishop is quoted to say in the above video by LifeSite News (see link below for full article):

“We have all sorts of hair-splitting about the distinctions between formal and material heresy, none of which do the least thing to impede Bergoglio’s destructive action,” Viganò, who recently started a house of formation in Italy for future priests, remarked. “We cannot behave as if we were resolving a question of a point of Canon Law. No. The Lord is being outraged, the Church is being humiliated, and souls are being lost because a usurper remains on the Throne.” 

Except for what LifeSite adds immediately afterwards

At the same time, he said that “what we cannot do, because we do not have the authority, is to officially declare that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not Pope. The terrible impasse in which we find ourselves makes any human solution impossible.” 

And here the game of both LifeSite and the Archbishop becomes evident: declare that there is no human solution to ignore the Sutri Initiative.

So the Catholic public must ask the question to them both: why are you on the side of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, in attempting to stifle a canonical solution to the problem of his deviant papacy?

In the spy agencies of the world this is called a “limited hangout”. That is, tell your opponent everything he wants to hear, so that he trusts you when you tell him to do nothing about it.

Well, LifeSite news was co-founded by a man who got his career boost into Catholic Media by the CIA’s network of control in Spain, known popularly as the Gladio Network. So maybe that has something to do with it? — I keep emphasizing this over and over, as it always explains what it really going on.

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2 thoughts on “Archbishop Viganò: Bergoglio is the False Prophet foretold, but don’t do anything about it”

  1. “A leopard does not change his spots”……Abp Vigano has been severely critiquing & admonishing Bergoglio/Pope Francis for around five years……without ever suggesting a ‘concrete’ solution to the problem that complies fully with the current Code of Canon Law and has historical precedent……

    One again we have to classify Abp Vigano as “controlled opposition”, and we should completely ignore J-H Westen who has always been a ‘major player’ in the nefarious “grifter collective”……

    Christus vincit;
    Christus regnat;
    Christus imperat.

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