VATICAN: Pope Francis wants to be buried at Santa Maria Maggiore, but …

Editor’s Note: Where a Pope is buried is the decision of his successor, however, who can always change it. And considering that Santa Maria Maggiore is the most beloved Church at Rome, as it houses both the relic of the Holy Crib of Christ, the miraculous image of Our Lady Salus Populi Romani, the tomb of Saint Pius V, and is ornamented by the gold captured at Lepanto, it is unlikely that a Catholic pope will respect his decision. — Indeed, as the first pope from the peripheries and on account of his very anti-Roman character, I think it would be more appropriate to bury him at Waitangi, in Chatham Islands, New Zealand, which is the point on the globe of the earth, directly opposite and furthest from the City of Rome.

This is where my readers in New Zealand can start a petition and do something good for the Church  of Rome!

CREDITS: The featured image is of Waitangi, Chatham Islands, New Zealand. from Source unknown.

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11 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Francis wants to be buried at Santa Maria Maggiore, but …”

    1. Yes, please understand that I am writing a joke. The natives of Waitangi, probably would not want his corpse staining the paradise God gave them!

  1. Bergoglio is as a Demon Dog urinating all over anything sacred to descecrate it for Satan/Lucifer. NZ is simply gorgeous…And, I suggest a bit further south would be the better location to place the corpse matching the deepest level of Satan/Lucifer’s Hell created by God especially for them.
    Maybe, in time…The Antarctican Continent will pass into warmer waters allowing it to thaw and Bergoglio’s corpse will have survived unblemished for millions of years as the Mammoths dying in the Arctic did which we’re finding now.

  2. The comments on the YouTube passage of the interview are quite meaningful… (my English translation)
    – Says where but doesn’t say when???

    – No one would say he’s kidnapped alive against his will in unworthy conditions. Oh, sorry!!! He’s just waiting for his Royal Husband to pick him up now.

    – The second place is in the grave.

    – He’s got his place. This guy’s better. He already knows how the temperature’s gonna be.

    – This gentleman already has a place where he can feel warm.

    – I don’t think there’s a shovel to hell, but when the time comes, he will just rot in his coffin.

    – I hope he will be (buried?) alive.

  3. The problem with all of us is the inability to link the Book of Revelation to our present time. If Francis is the False Prophet as even Vigano recently stated; then there will no burial for him except in the lake of fire

    1. Throughout the 20 centuries of the Church there have always been Catholics who identified the chief wicked man of their age as the Antichrist or False Prophet. But all of them were in the wrong. And the additional danger is, that by magnifying the problem to Apocalyptic proportions you preach despair about solving the problems of your present time, which is the ultimate unChristian scape out.

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