Br. Bugnolo’s Christmas Appeal for the Defense of Christendom

Dear Friends, Supporters, Benefactors and fellow Catholics, Readers of FromRome.Info:

Soon we will be celebrating the most joyful Solemnity wherein we remember the wonderful Descent of the Eternal Son of God, from His Heavenly Throne beside the Eternal Father.

He came not to glorify Himself, but to glorify His Father by saving the poor souls of Adam’s race, lost after long centuries of error and sin, and mislead by terrible vices and corrupt cultures.

In this Holy and Festive Anticipation, let us not forget that He came to save us, who are unworthy of salvation. He first had mercy upon us. He first chose to sacrifice everything so as to save us.

He came to call us out of the darkness in which we thought all existence is in this world and opened for us an new horizon, where once He had obtained the forgiveness of our sins by His August Sacrifice on Calvary, we might by Faith and Sacrament be reborn to a new life and return to stand with Him at the right Hand of His Father in Heaven, in the Family that God always intended, when from the foundation of the world He foresaw us and loved us.

This spirit of self sacrifice to save the needy is at the heart of our Christian vocation, and it is the spirit of the Association I co founded with Andrew Baalman 7 years ago: Ordo Militaris Catholicus.

For there is no other organization in the Catholic world which is dedicated to defending persecuted Christians and stopping the persecution at the root.

It is in this spirit that I pilgrimaged to Rome 4 years ago to defend the cause of Pope Benedict XVI, and in which I have battled the Scamdemic and DeathVaxx and Agenda 2030 these four years.

For this reason, as I now continue to volunteer in the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, I ask your help for our new projects in 2024, which is starting a youth camp, free of charge, for 20 youth in the USA and 20 youth in Europe.

This camp will launch their career in security and military services and open the opportunity for Catholic men to combine faith and action in the defense of Catholics threatened by illegal immigration and Islamic terrorism.

If you have the means, this Christmas or at the end of this year of Our Lord 2023, I would ask you to take a look at our programs and consider a generous donation.

  • For more information see our pages for the USA and for Europe.

Wishing you all the blessings and graces of a Holy Christ’s Mass, I pray that the Child of Bethlehem open His arms to you, and draw you by the cords of His love and mercy, this Holy Season,

Sincerely in Saint Francis,

Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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CREDITS: The pre-Revolutionary Christmas Creche at Acireale, Sicily. Photo by FromRome.Info.

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