ITALY: Morroccan torches Christmas Creche in Catholic Church, in Villastanza, Milan

The act of hatred against Christ was perpetrated at 2 P. M., yesterday on Friday 15, 2023 in the village of Villastanza, near Milan

Here is a video report:

The perpetrator was a man, born in Italy, from immigrants from the Magreb (interior Desert of Algeria & Morrocco); he was 30 years old. No one was injured. The fire spread from the large artistic Nativity Scene to the pews of the Church. There was heavy fire damage throughout the Church. — After setting the fire, the Morroccan inveighed against Italy and the West. —  Also damaged is an irreplaceable piece of local culture an art, the 16th century organ.

Here are two reports in Italian, the first of which has several photos and a video of the damage to the Church interior.

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