Pope Francis is not worthy to be buried among the 6 Popes entombed at Santa Maria Maggiore

Editor’s Note: This article is a good introduction, but it fails to mention that Santa Maria Maggiore houses the Crib of Christ and not to mention, ignoring some famous works of each Pope, such as Pope Honorious III’s promotion of the moral reform of the German Nobility, Saint Pius V’s call and formation of the Holy League of 1571 which defeated the Islamic/Turkish invasion of Italy at Lepanto, and Sixtus V’s declaration of Saint Bonaventure as the co-principal Doctor of the Church, with Saint Thomas Aquinas, in his bull which raised Scholastic Theology to the pinnacle of authority in all theological matters. — Pope Francis has made a mockery of the achievements of these 3 great popes, buried at Santa Maria Maggiore, and evidently wants to continue to mock them in death. For he has allowed the German Church to fly off into the most base immorality, he has declared to the Islamic World that their false religion is willed by God, and he has denounce traditional theology as outdated. So, knowing how God avenges His servants, I can say Bergoglio is in for a big surprise. — The article also fails to mention that Pope Nicolas IV approved the Rule of the Third Order of Saint Francis, which has been the cause of Sainthood for hundreds of Saints in the last 800 years.

Finally, if Pope Francis ends up buried in Santa Maria Maggiore, I do now make a personal vow before God, to undertake a campaign to see that his mortal remains are transferred elsewhere after his death. For it is intolerable to any right sense of religion that such a psychopathic godless man stain and defile such sacred ground.

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5 thoughts on “Pope Francis is not worthy to be buried among the 6 Popes entombed at Santa Maria Maggiore”

  1. I think the most egregious thing is that by being buried in Santa Maria Maggiore he is making a mockery of Our Lady to whom that church is dedicated.

  2. The coincidence of his interview and of Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández’ response to a question about placement of cremation ashes begs the question whether he is considering further novelty for his final mortal place of rest.

  3. He may be buried there just as Balaam —the false prophet— was buried when the walls of Jericho fell down.

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