Pope Francis becomes formal, pertinacious apostate by approving Blessing of Sodomitic Unions

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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Any debate about whether Pope Francis can or should be deposed from the Papacy is now over, seeing that he has approved the blessing of sodomitic unions (not to mention unions founded upon fornication and adultery) — a thing which invokes the Divine Name to approve a sin which cries out to God for vengeance.  The Sutri Initiative, as I have said since 2018, is the only way to depose him canonically. Voices who do not support this Initiative will now totally discredit themselves, because to admit such an apostasy and advise nothing be done to root it out, is apostasy.

The document itself (see English here), entitled, Fiducia supplicans (‘Humbly-begging trust’) has been written in such a way as to intellectually seduce the Faithful into apostasy, as can be gathered from the internal logic of the document and its constant denial that its own affirmation are heretical, wrong, immoral or beyond the power of the Church to approve.

The twisted, false and fraudulent logic of the document, which while admitting “a real development” in the doctrine of blessing, is attempting to invent a Priestly ministry of affirming sodomy, in which blasphemy against the Living God, approval of a sin which cries out to God for vengeance, and word plays between “blessing” and “prayer”, “ritual” and “liturgical”, “seeking approbation” and “not seeking approbation” are o. k. — do not, in prima facie and in the last analysis, save it from total apostasy. These are just totally dishonest rationalizations. For as I say in the video below: for to say God can bless sin, is to say God is not God, because God being Infinite Truth and Goodness cannot approve of anything which is immoral or based upon a lie or evil. And to say that He could, would be to say that God can ‘not be God’ when I the sinner want Him ‘not to be’ God, which is the very epitome of sacrilege of the Divine Name and total apostasy from all Biblical Faith.

Similarly, the document presents the total novelty, that a Priest or the Church can give a blessing outside of a liturgical act in a manner different from a liturgical act: namely, that in liturgy he or She is bound only to bless in the manner God wills, but outside of liturgy he or She can bless in a manner in which the meaning of terms is up for grabs and words can mean anything one wants them to mean. THIS IS A DIRECT ATTACK ON THE PRIESTHOOD and the CHURCH and implies a priest and Holy Mother Church can be something other than an alter Christus or the Faithful Bride of Christ, respectively speaking, namely, that he can be a priest of some other god when he wants to, and She the spouse of some other man. This too is apostasy. To suggest it is the worst kind of moral seduction and blasphemy.

Catholics should urge with all the force of their being that their priests STOP naming Pope Francis in the Canon of the Mass and publicly call for the Sutri Initiative to be supported by all their parishioners. If we do not draw the line on this, we all betray Jesus Christ in such a way that we will never find forgiveness, not in time nor in eternity.

See below for the OMC Radio TV’s special program about this news.

The document issued by the fake Dicastery, notably doubles down on the heretical responses given to the Cardinals in the Dubia they presented to Pope Francis in July. I therefore expect and immediate response from them, before the day’s end.

In addition, I recommend that all Catholics immediately write to their Bishops and urge him to grant permission to all his priests to OMIT naming Pope Francis in the Canon of the Mass, or to add the words, “for his repentance”, after naming him in the Canon. — Seeing that this is an extraordinary circumstance, Priests and Bishops can presume the permission of Christ to make these changes immediately in all formulae where the Pope’s name is to be mentioned.

Some bishop, however, are in a rush to publicly publish their approval of the document. I am keeping a list here. If you know of others, share the info in a comment there.

As I have written for years, if you can hold that Pope Benedict XVI could renounce the papacy by NOT renouncing the Petrine Munus, then words mean nothing to you, and you will have to accept every alteration and adulteration of the Faith which comes down the lane. No one would hear me, when I wrote about this in 2016. — I was right, again, and prophetic.

 — As an aside, the Church of England (Anglican) approved a ritual for gay blessings just yesterday. So it is clear with what Church Bergoglio and his wicked crew are in communion.

And while it is true that this document is published by Archbishop Fernandez of the non-existent (because created when Bergoglio did not hold the Petrine Munus) Dicastery of the Faith, it is NOT true that Pope Francis is therefore not morally responsible (the document begins by claiming Pope Francis personally signed it), that by doing nothing about it, he can be tolerated in his claim to be the pope. Nay, rather, by allowing this he has annihilated all reasonable suppositions that he is the Pope or holds the office. — The Church therefore must meet in Council to declare it. The very continued existence of the Church depends on it.

And to all the pharisees who will wonder whether this teaching is infallible or not, or who will say it is not, and therefore no need to worry, because its from a Dicastery, not from the Pope: I say to you thus: you are negotiating for some hot swamp land in the Hell of Judas Iscariot by your jesuitical hair splitting to make room for you to do nothing and advise the faithful do nothing, other than giving yourself money and breaking from Christ’s Church.

In the meantime, let us all pray for the entire Church. We are all now being put to the test, whether we will deny Christ Crucified by the world, or not. Most of the Apostles and Disciples have run away or denied Christ for the last 11 years. We must work with Mary, to reconcile the few who still have the faith and rally them to Christ’s cause!

Finally, each person who signed this document should excommunicated and defrocked. — Likewise, all who insist or urge that we continue to recognize Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the pope, so long as he does not repudiate this document, are committing a grave crime against us as Catholics, against our consciences rightly formed, against our religious rights before the Living God.

Here is the OMC TV program about this event:

UPDATES — The Scandal is now spreading round the entire world ….

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11 thoughts on “Pope Francis becomes formal, pertinacious apostate by approving Blessing of Sodomitic Unions”

  1. Words cannot express how damaging this is to souls still healing molestation or abuse. I can already see women and men from all walks of life using this to justify homosexuality and pedophilia. Romantic love will become hell on earth. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to find a suitable spouse. This just kills it. :/

  2. Surely this egregious and sacrilegious act will bring forward the chastisement as spoken by our Lord in Luke (17: 26-28) in relation to Noah. Rome will be destroyed.
    Maybe Bergoglio knows his time is short, and propels himself to desecrate Holy Mother. We still go to Holy Mass yes?

    1. I am utterly sickened that he should do this before Christmas, thus robbing us of the first occasion in 5 years in which we could celebrate Christmas without persecution. Now millions of Catholics will leave the Church or omit Christmas all together, or be forced to omit mass, because they find all their priest in communion with the Apostate.

      1. As you pointed out, the timing of this should not go un noticed. During Advent, exactly one week before Christmas.

        And I very sadly admit, it crossed my mind to skip Mass. I won’t. But I briefly considered it. Which proves the evil intent of the timing.

  3. We all know Bergoglio had to have approved the statement. But what IS the answer to the broken records insisting, “it didn’t come from his pen or mouth, hence he didn’t approve it. Hence he’s not a pertinacious heretic. Hence he’s still pope” Many of good will feel silenced and stupefied by such – as you call it – hair splitting legalistic sophistries.

    1. The only response is, “You are in denial, which in this case is a diabolic dilusion to keep you from taking a stand for Jesus Christ; you have to chose either for or against him. No excuses on this one”

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