8 thoughts on “AJ and Br. Bugnolo, live Thursday Morning — Why you should stop giving to the Catholic Church”

  1. I don’t know which article to post this on, you have so many on here regarding the evil act fake Pope Francis just did regarding sodomites, but here it is- what do you expect from the False Prophet of the book of Revelation? That he will do good things? C,mon people. Let this serve again to wake you out of your slumber. And furthermore, it was made law, or decreed on the 18th, which as any student of scripture’s numbers knows, is always 6+6+6. Of course it would be on the 18th… to fulfill prophecy and so that men are without excuse. lets not be naive nor surprised at this mans actions nor be dismayed at them but let them turn us to our Maker and fear God and cry out to Him that He save us from this third person of the unholy trinity and from Trump and his mark, The False Prophet Francis (whose name means “freedom” but who himself is a servant of corruption and enslavement to sin) fools not the Bride of Christ.. how long until Christ returns to vanquish them both? This evil man surprises no one who follows the Way the Truth and the Life!

    1. Dec. 18 is 6+6 and 6+6+6 so yes, the date was chosen well if one wants to signify the servants of Lucifer and the Antichrist.

    2. It’s the book of the Apocalypse! dumm dumm! You’re quoting Book of Revelations? that’s PROTESTANT!

      Duay- Rheims Bible is CATHOLIC!

      1. The Book of the Apocalypse can be called by its English name, the Book of Revelations, because that is what the greek word means.

  2. My money will not support the activities of the mafia currently hijacking our Church. God bless those who snuff this awful rebellion.

  3. It seems Pope Francis will really die before the Antichrist, as if he allowed these weeds to grow further and choke the wheat.

    The vision of Don Bosco is now becoming a reality. We soon have peace until the AntiChrist (devil) reaches of age and disturbed again.

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