Has Ann Barnhardt become Orthodox?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the recent “Is the Pope Catholic?” Conference organized online by Dr. Edmund Mazza, the Doctor introduced Ann Barnhardt as someone who attends Mass daily “according to the Rite of St. Gregory the Great, and who distributes Ivermectin.”

But the only rite which is called the Rite of St. Gregory the Great, is celebrated in English speaking countries by the Antiochan Orthodox Church, as can be seen from these links:


I myself am somewhat taken aback by this possibility, because an Italian told me he has seen her at daily Mass in the Tridentine or Ancient Roman Rite in a small chapel, run by an American priest, near Florence, which is why she says she lives “down by the river” Arno. But this too, I find hard to understand, since Barnhardt is constantly yelling, “Act and God will act” as she did in her recent intervention at Dr. Mazza’s conference. But how can she be sincere, if she has lived for 7 years just two hours from the Vatican and has not once acted by actually lobbying any Cardinals or clergy of Rome? It does not make sense. — However, if it be true that she has left the Catholic Church and become Orthodox, then both claims about her may be true. — On her own blog she admitted to engaging in what appears to be tax evasion from the USA Internal Revenue Department, and that also may explain why she would be on the lamb, in Italy, since then.

Ann Barnhardt is known on social media for having burnt a Koran just months before she was found responsible by a court of arbitration in Texas for “fraud and constructive fraud” in a securities brokerage which failed. She blamed the problems on the Jew who ran the principle house of the exchange in Chicago. In 2016, she doubled down on her fame by being the first to insist that Pope Benedict XVI was still the pope because he never renounced the petrine munus, an impeccable argument which she subsequently presented in video format in a very convincing manner. But since she has no knowledge of Latin nor has studied canon law, it may very well be that she was coached by this American priest, who says mass at Florence.

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18 thoughts on “Has Ann Barnhardt become Orthodox?”

  1. “But how can she be sincere, if she has lived for 7 years just two hours from the Vatican and has not once acted by actually lobbying any Cardinals or clergy of Rome.” This has always baffled me. What. Is. The. Deal.

    The American Priest very may well be Fr. Z.

    This quote I think explains the reason behind “Rite of St. Gregory the Great” Not Orthodox

    Bl. John Henry Cardinal Newman remarks, the Traditional Latin Mass is “virtually unchanged since the third century.”1

    In the sixth century, Pope St. Gregory the Great codified the Mass, especially “Gregorian” chant, which takes its name from him.

      1. Is he still? I know he got removed from his previous parish for preforming “exorcism Masses for the election.” That was a while back. His blog shows him in Rome quite often.

    1. You are quite wrong. Barnhardt would not even have anything to do with Fr. Z, because Fr. Z never recognized the renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI as invalid.

      1. I’m not so sure Br. Bugnolo. Ann and Fr. Z are friends and he even links to her blog. They cross post each other. While not directly espousing her views that Benedict was pope. He is open to the possibility.

        The link below is an example of some of the cross posts they do and Fr. Z hinting at Benedict being the Pope at the time.



        I have no objection to them being friends (like my opinion matters anyway). I just wanted to point out and show some plausible evidence that the American priest celebrating the Mass at that chapel just may be Fr. Z. Cheers

      2. Well I think that the American priest at Florence is not Father Z, so … if anyone knows better, share it.

        However, you are correct in implying that Barnhardt never believed what she preaches, since she continued to go to Mass at Masses which named the antipope during Pope Benedict XVI’s lifetime. But this does not surprise me, since she only recently converted to the Catholic Faith and has a shallow understanding of much of it.

      3. The American priest being Fr. Z is solely MY speculation because you’re the first, and probably the only, person I’ve seen to have any inkling of what Mass she goes to AND also know that it’s an AMERICAN priest who celebrates it. Just giving my two cents about that.

        As for her believing what she says. I think she does. Probably just found it a little harder to put it into action verses just SAYING IT.

        “But how can she be sincere, if she has lived for 7 years just two hours from the Vatican and has not once acted by actually lobbying any Cardinals or clergy of Rome.” Indeed

  2. Doxxing is dishonorable as is this curiosity about Ann Barnhardt, It is is unclear what is your motive?
    The infighting and cattiness here is not a good look for you.
    Will it be a true Church of one against an antichurch of everyone except for you?

    1. You are being hysterical. Ann Barnhardt is a public figure, and a very famous one. But she cloaks herself in a lot of non transparency and has a record for unethical behavior in the extreme. It’s of public interest, in particular, to the readers of FromRome.Info, why she acts as she does and why she does not act as she tells others to do. It is absolutely honorable for a journal to concern it self with such topics, and Ann Barnhardt is a singular individual of such importance that FromRome.Info’s coverage of other persons is not comparable, so it does not reflect at all any editorial decision to put people inside or outside the Church like so many others do. Perhaps if you concern yourself with the issues more than emotions you will be able to understand that. == But that was a good try at gaslighting me. I am gaslight proof, however, so don’t waste your time.

  3. I would like to be gaslight proof. Seriously!

    In following your work, Brother Alexis, I am getting closer to reaching that goal.

    May we all give adoration to the newborn Savior in gratitude and thanksgiving for His deliverance of Holy Mother Church in 2024.

  4. Drawing a very long bow here. The statement by Dr. Mazza “rite of St. Gregory the Great” may well be an allusion to the fact that the Tridentine Mass of 1962 is largely unchanged from the one codified by St. Gregory the Great. I understand that the Gregorian Rite also called the Roman Rite was codified more tightly especially in the rubrics so that regional variations were removed to make it a more standardised version. Nothing really changed in the liturgy which is why it is still called the Roman Rite after Trent.

    1. That is possible, but it’s actually factually incorrect, since unlike the Liturgies of Saint John Chrysostom or of Saint Basil, the Roman Rite does not originate with a Father of the Church, but with the Apostles Saints Peter and Paul, and to say otherwise is to undermine its apostolic character. Scholarhly research has shown that unlike all other rites it is the one most faithful to original Hebraic structures of prayer and thought, showing that Saint Peter and Saint Paul brought it from Jerusalem and preserved it at Rome.

      1. The central point I was making though is that Dr. Mazza was probably referring to the changeless nature of the Mass of 1962 and not to a specific Orthodox church in Florence that claims to celebrate the “Rite of St. Gregory the Great”.

        I personally believe that Ann Barnhardt lives in America. She has been describing herself as living in a “van down by the river” for at least 10 years. Surely you are not claiming that she has been living in Florence all that time?

      2. The American Priest who celebrates in Tuscany has a chapel down by the river Arno. So hypothetically, if she had an apartment/camper within walking distance, she could use that metaphor. In fact, in Italy if you lived in a camper, you would have no address that the authorities could use to find you for the IRS.

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