4 thoughts on “In the true Church Militant, hundreds of Catholics blast Bishop Barron for embracing Fiducia Supplicans”

  1. This is the true Church Militant that will drive out the apostates. Maybe they learned from the lessons caused by the communist French Revolution.

  2. If he isn’t bad enough; turn to The National Shrine of the Divine Mercy out of Stockbridge, MA. Fr. Chris Alar is supporting this abomination as well…When he usually falls on the more Conservative side of the Spectrum and speaks truthfully and directly in is ‘Explaining the Faith’ streamed on Sat. Mornings.

    1. The devotion to the Divine Mercy is all about moral license and forgetting that the real mercy was on Good Friday merited and on Easter Sunday given, for those who both believe and repent, not just ask for mercy.

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