5 thoughts on “Polish Marian Fathers are first Religious Order to reject Fiducia supplicans”

  1. It says “Massachusetts”, brother Alexis. Where does it say “polish”? They just published different document in Poland for public, saying, that fiducia supplicans doesn’t change anything in church’s teaching, just explains what’s “blessing”.

    1. They are a Polish Religious Order. Here in the USA, our religious Orders are colored by the ethnicity of their members.

      1. Thank you Brother Alexis. I think polish bishops try to gaslight polish catholics, about true meaning of that document. I think, they don’t want to scandalise us, that’s why they try to downplay it.

  2. Thought I sent Fr. Chris Alar’s response to you from Stockbridge, MA at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy…Was SO disappointed as Fr. Alar is usually very direct, honest and conservative.

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