NORWAY: Parliament grants Government dictatorial powers during next Pandemic

Editor’s Note: In normal societies, you don’t pay 133 Million Norwegian Krona per patient to save them from the common cold; and after such a debacle you don’t give the ruling government dictatorial powers to do even more dystopian lockdowns during the next pandemic. — In fact, dictatorial powers are normally granted AFTER a crisis, not before one. It’s clear that in Norway Agenda 2030 is on course. What a shame, that the land of the Vikings has given into such lunacy.

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8 thoughts on “NORWAY: Parliament grants Government dictatorial powers during next Pandemic”

  1. Years and years
    have gone into this evil pandemic scheme… no doubt by the same band of brother globalists who fear neither God nor man..the answer is supernatural. St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.

    1. I don’t want to say as much as the possibility that even the communion wafer could be used as route.. as 90% of communion wafers are made by one company.. the ‘new’ body and weekly update… far fetched? I wished….

  2. “The Norwegian Parliament decided to strip the Storting of power” was the headline in an alternative news article at, dated December 19. Quote: “The Labor Party and the Conservative Party are opposed to national self-determination: Soon future governments may introduce isolation and quarantine without a decision made by the Storting. Several newspapers have opposed to the change of rules.
    Dagbladet says: ‘an authoritarian proposal’.
    VG: ‘democratic madness’.
    Legal experts have also reacted strongly.” End of quote.
    When will this madness end?

  3. Norway has a dictator:

    The Norwegian Crownprince Haakon Magnus – is World Economic Forums Young Global Leader educated, he promotes all WEF agendas.

    He also have his own training club:

    that brainwash norwegian young ones into their agendato be placed in political spots etc later.

    Together with his WEF primeministers and WEF banking people are they running the country 100% according to the agendaes of the unelected
    WEF, WHO, UN, NATO and their top investors.

    Leaving,truth,love, care, compassion and all human life behind, in their mentally, probably satanic, insane plans to conquer and control everything.

    Creating transhumans, AI gods…?

    So many things WEF are saying, are clealy revealing they are insane. Why are these people not behind bars? They are allowed to RUN countries? Even after Klaus Schwab brags about how they have penetrated many countries government.. and no one reacts..

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