Bishop Athansius Schneider: Fiducia supplicans undermines the Natural and Divine Law

Editor’s Note: This fine response of Bishop Schneider, who is an auxiliary bishop and therefore does not exercise the Magisterium, is wounded by a most grievous error and lie, where he says:

(DM): How would you respond to Catholic clergy and faithful who say they don’t want to be in communion with a Pope who would approve such a document?

(AS): The Pope remains in his office, even if he permits or affirms things which harm the Faith or are ambiguous or erroneous. Even if a pope were to pronounce heresy in his daily magisterium, i.e. outside of ex-cathedra pronouncements, and outside a formal definitive teaching, he would not lose the papacy. There have been rare cases in the Church’s history when popes have done this (e.g., Pope Honorius I and Pope John XXII) and they did not lose their office. Nor was their pontificate declared invalid during their lifetime or after their death. The Church will remain always in the almighty hands of Christ, who will not permit that the gates of hell prevail against Her, for He has founded His Church upon the rock of Peter. The Church, also in this respect, is divine: that she can endure such Popes.

First, on the matter of history, Pope Honorius I never uttered a heresy. His letter on the two wills in Christ employed the term “animus” not voluntas, and thus the accusations of teaching that there was one will (divine-human) not two wills (one Divine, the other human) were and have ever been false. Second, to say — as he did — that there is one animus in Christ is not heretical, since the Latin word comprising the concept of mind and will, implies only a unity of purpose, which there was, in Christ, and it was one, being the harmony or unity of the Divine Will and human will in all things. But even when he was condemned in an Ecumenical Council after his death, it was NOT for heresy, but for allowing heresy to spread by ambiguous language.

Second, because Pope John XXI (his correct regnal name) was rebuked at repented, having appointed a commission of Cardinals who ruled that his affirmation that even saints pass through purgatory was heretical, and to hold on to it would mean that he would ipso facto lose the papacy.

And Third, because Popes who had no valid claim to the papacy were deposed in the provincial council of Sutri in 1046. And while that Council deposed two men who are still considered valid popes (Benedict IX and Gregory VI) the juridical validity of its actions was founded on the reason that “a man incapable of proving a valid claim to the office of the papacy” can be pronounced NOT to have one and therefore “deposed”, by a deposition which is a juridical act of discernment, but a canonical act only materially, since a Council having no authority over the office or a man validly holding the office, judges about the man who claims to be the pope, not who is or was the pope.

So Bishop Schneider is being utterly dishonest if by his comments he is intending that we understand that it is wrong to call Pope Francis a “heretic” and militate, that in council he be condemned or expelled from the Church for it. Utterly dishonest and disgusting chichancery.

Bishop Schneider’s response was evidently published by the “Bergoglio-is-certainly-the-Pope” “Unite the Clans” “Recognize and resist” but-do-nothing-ever “The Remnant” because its founder has close ties to the deep state, having graduated from the Front Royal, Virginia, “Catholic” home of the CIA-founded Christendom College. And for men of that ilk, the only rule is to keep Bergoglio in power. Deposing him in a provincial council is definitely not in any way allowed by their true masters.

The true conclusion to the Bishop’s discourse should be that the whole Church join the Sutri Initiative and demand that the Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Rome call Bergoglio to order, demand the withdraw of Fudicia supplicans, and if refused, pronounce him separated from Christ and His Church, and consequently from the office of Saint Peter.

As for Diana Montagna this is not the first case of her being involved in foisting horrendous lies upon the Catholics world wide. See here for more.

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