ARGENTINA: Lightning from Heaven proves Bergoglio was validly elected on Jan. 30, 2023

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you know the Faith well and live by it, then you have the special prerogative to understand and even anticipate the events of history, since right knowledge of God leads to right knowledge of how God will act in the future.

The above is an extraordinary case, similar to the Sign of the Cross which appeared in the sky above Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral on January 6, 2023, which pointed in the direction of the very place where his juridically valid successor would be elected on January 30, 2023, a thing which Divine Providence confirmed beforehand, by inspiring the owners of the place to have a fresco depicting a Cross appearing in the sky above Saint Peter’s Squaree, more than 10 years before!

In the above report from Argentina, commented on by Andrea Cionci, the lighting struck the Statue of Saint Peter the day before Fiducia supplicans was published, vaporizing the halo and keyes of Saint Peter.

But the halo or aureole is the symbol of the holiness of the person and office of Saint Peter, which according to the office in a certain manner passes down to his Successors. And likewise, the keys are a symbol of that office’s power over ecclesiastical and civil matters.

Their annihilation by a bolt from Heaven the day before the publication of Fiducia supplicans, is therefore rightly interpreted as Andrea Cionci has reported, of a sign of clear Divine Displeasure with the publication of that document and in particular with the person of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a.k.a Pope Francis.

But this sign from God also implies that at least until the day before its publication, God regarded Pope Francis as the Successor of Saint Peter. Which he was only in virtue of his juridically valid election on January 30, 2023 of this year. A thing made possible only by the faithful Catholics who read

On the day of publication, on account of the contents of that document, I pronounced that Pope Francis was by his signature on it now a public manifest heretic. I held that his signature was also a sign of pertinacity since the Cardinals have been urging him to renounce such a doctrine — implied in his response to the recent Dubia presented in July.

It is not every day that lightning from heaven confirms the writings or opinions of Catholics, but let us be humbled by the knowledge that God has so favored us with the light to see the truth, that it is by no merit of ours nor of myself, that we saw it before everyone else.

But let us all, also, foster a holy fear of God on this account, because just as is told in the Old Testament, God punishes the very sin of perversion which Fiducia supplicans wants to bless, WITH FIRE FROM HEAVEN. And as some readers of have already observed, God has already warned us through the Blessed Virgin at Akita, that FIRE from heaven will be sent to punish the sins of mankind if we do not repent!

I think, therefore, that there is another implicit message in this event in Argentina, namely, that God is about to destroy most of humanity by fire from heaven — not a nuclear war, but the fall of celestial objects, such as meteors or comets — if Catholics do not USE ALL THEIR EFFORTS TO HAVE FIDUCIA SUPPLICANS WITHDRAWN AND ITS PERNICIOUS ERRORS CONDEMNED.

Thus if you have not participated in the Sutri Initiative, or urged the adoption of the Grand Strategy, outlined here, the next few months may be your last chance to do so.

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11 thoughts on “ARGENTINA: Lightning from Heaven proves Bergoglio was validly elected on Jan. 30, 2023”

      1. Nicholas = Victory of the People
        The town of San Nicolás (where the Sanctuary is located) was the place where the leaders of all the provinces of Argentina where gathered in 31 May, 1852. Notice the day and month are Marian. There they agreed to redact and promote a Constitution thus giving end to the 40 year internecine wars and beginning an era of peace and prosperity that lasted until the 20th century (until the Socialist ideas began to take hold.) It is said that Our Lady likes that part of the world. She manifested herself in Lujan in the 1600’s. A basilica was built there in her honor that houses a miraculous image.

  1. I only find this news posted on traditional blogs. While I don’t doubt that God makes known his displeasure in the ways described, it is easier to share to non believers if it is from a news website. But on the other hand, the lack of faith in the world is made obvious by the fact that news websites will not report on this.

  2. This is absolutely extraordinary!

    A few weeks ago our priest was giving a homily about all the attacks on the Church, including from “leadership”. He was reminding us not to fall into despair and concluded with “remember, the gates of hell will not prevail” At that moment there was a huge lightning strike and thunder clap! And booming thunder continued throughout the Mass and communion. The mood amongst all of us was clearly one of awe. It was a remarkable incident.

  3. thank you br Bugnolo to continue to show this very important topic , at the top, only you and canon,212 show the picture, unfortunely,it has to be seen wporld wide,

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