CONSTANTINOPLE Terrorist Massacre thwarted by Miraculous intervention of Our Lady

News and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As you can see from the news report above (click image to read it), on Sunday morning this week 2 ISIS terrorists entered the Church of Santa Maria, on the outskirts of downtown Istanbul to commit an atrocity against the Catholics attending the 11 A. M. Mass.

There were two perpetrators. One who entered the Church brandishing a pistol, the other who waited at the door as a look out.

The intent was clearly a massacre.

There was no other ostensible motive but hatred for Christians, since the Church is run by Franciscans from Italy, a nation which is a strong supporter of friendly relations with all Islamic Countries. Franciscans too are the Order with the best relations with Muslims, ever since their founder personally met with the Sultan of Egypt shortly after the conclusion of hostilities, during the Fifth Crusade.

But, though there were no security to stop the atrocity, only 1 man was slain.

And the reason why, was a miracle. Because just as the assailant began to shoot, his pistol jammed.

Where police and soldiers cannot, Our Lady can.

The Church is dedicated to the Holy Mother of God. The Parish has a FaceBook Page, here.

But maybe someone will say, “What miracle? since one man died!” — It appears that the man who did die was  mentally disabled and Turkish, a Muslim. Killed out of hatred of Christ, he merited the crown by a baptism of blood, his presence in the Church being sufficient evidence of his desire to believe in Christ.

Just as no one can snatch a soul from the Hands of God, so He has granted that no one can snatch a child from the hands of the Mother of God. To Him be all praise and glory. Amen!

There is a follow-up report about this miracle here.

How to avoid becoming a cancelled Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop, Priest, Deacon etc..

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

French Translation

Not even a dog keeps doing the same thing over and over if it hurts. The Lord God and Creator gave even dogs enough sense which rivals the intelligence of sinful men, in such circumstances. And this is why through the ages it has often been this observation about dogs which gets men to change their ways.

And this is what the clergy need to do in regard to the whole phenomenon of “cancelled clergy”: a recently coined term or neologism by which there is signified a member of the clergy, upright and honest, who is the victim of the abuse of authority by a superior intent on pushing globalism, modernism, heresy, or sodomy.

Though the word is a new one the genus of persecution is an old one. Before the Second Vatican Council it was much more mild, and simply consisted in being side-lined by your Bishop or superior. But there was always hope that if one persevered in following the laws of the Church and right discipline that with the next change of superior, at his death, transferal or the next ecclesiastical election of one kind or another, the new superior would recognize the worth of the sidelined Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop, Priest, Monk, Sister etc..

After the Council, however, the penal system of the Church was weaponized against faithful clergy and religious. But in many cases the Faithful never recognized what was going on, simply because back then there was no uncontrolled Catholic media and the main stream media simply ignored such news.

But as the decades have past the persecution of honest men and women of God has become more frequent, and the pretexts for doing so less and less credible, such that we are less and less shocked that individuals are persecuted, and being persecuted by such revolutionaries and heretics is becoming more and more a wreath of honor.

How many priests were removed from ministry during the Scamdemic because they refused to observe the controls (by continuing to give communion in the mouth), to shut their churches (by keeping them open), to wear masks, or to replace the Gospel with preaching the Scam?

But through these 60 years of persecution, the hardest and saddest thing is that those persecuted nearly immediately fell out of any network of charity, such that they no longer had anyone to help them, save but their immediate relatives or friends, a charity which often lasted only a short time.

I remember when I realized that my former community was canonically lawless and had no intention of observing the Rule of Saint Francis. I requested my superior permission to do so according to the Papal Decrees on the Rule of Saint Francis, and got a letter back immediately denying my request and suggesting I leave. But when I did leave, my own parents denied me housing and food in an attempt to convince me to give up my vocation. I would say that this was the darkest moment of my vocation.

How many religious women face the same conflict and never found help and thus gave up. Religious brothers too. That is why I am so ardent about insisting that we persecuted religious who do not give up have more the right to keep calling ourselves “religious” than those of us who remain in communities which are corrupt to their core and in many cases openly heretical or apostate.

Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and Priests usually have a less hard time since their dignity in orders naturally attracts many supporters and benefactors.

Neverthless, no priest wants to be a cancelled priest, and nearly every priest will use as much discretion as possible to avoid the worse forms of being cancelled. Most of the time it is simply reticence and pretending is nothing wrong.

Those of us, like myself, who are not priests, are often wrong in our impatience with such honest men who are avoiding being cancelled and thus too silent about the problems in the Church. They do this for us, knowing that more rapacious men would take their places if they got cancelled. We need to remember this in our public declamations about clergy doing nothing.

But if you are a member of the hierarchy or a priest, deacon, or religious and you want to avoid being cancelled, I would give this advice.

Recognize that the Apostolic See, or the episcopal See of your diocese, or your religious superior is impeded in the execution of his office by the public manifest errors which that office has been used to promote, confirm, authorize, establish, defend or support.

Unlike simply giving up, like Bishop Strickland, or saying there is no solution like Cardinal Burke, or affirming that a heretic can remain Pope, like Bishop Athanasius Schnieder, or daily criticizing the Pope, like so many Bishops, or declaring the Pope a heretic and thus no longer the pope — some of  which can get a member of the clergy out of a job quickly, whether by excommunication, suspension a divinis, laicization etc.., declaring the Apostolic See impeded balances two truths which need to be kept in mind: that Schism from a legitimate superior is a grave crime, and that obeying a legitimate superior in what is morally unacceptable is a grave sin.

And such a declaration need not be a canonical one. It can simply be a way of critiquing the present situation by applying discernment of the kind which comes from the grace and charism of truth which is bestowed in holy Orders or analogously by one’s religious vocation.

By such a declaration or recognition, a man or woman of God avoids the charge of schism, because such a declaration affirms that the Pope is the pope. At the same time it canonically conditions criticism of a bad Pope, who has gone into the extremes of  heresy and apostasy and idolatry by public acts, within the bounds of remaining in communion, while insisting on the freedom granted in Canon 212 to speak out against injustice.

So the next time you are tempted to say Pope Francis is a heretic, schismatic, apostate, idolater or no longer the Pope. Start by recognizing that he has impeded the Apostolic See by his public insistence of approval for the manifestly heretical, illogical, sacrilege promoting, wrong and just false teaching in ‘Fiducia supplicans’, such that everyone in the Church objectively, and not just yourself subjectively, no longer has the moral obligation to obey his decrees while he remains in the state of impenitence.

Don’t say I will no longer obey him. Full Stop. Since that can be understood as an act of schism or heresy. Say rather, that man by his heretical profession in approving ‘Fiducia supplicans’ has taken a position which the entire Church can never accept and thus has so discredited himself as a superior, that it would be both unreasonable and uncanonical to persecute those who call a spade a spade, rather than seek his removal from office in whatever canonical manners that is possible.

And in the mean time do NOT give up the ministry or your vocation. Keep serving God where you are and do not understand such a recognition or declaration as a pretext for violating Church law. Why, you do not even have to publish the fact of your recognition, if you are not a Bishop. Bishops however are now gravely obliged to make such declarations as they will assist the Bishops of the Roman Province to call a provincial council and take the ultimate action as requested in the Sutri Initiative. As for those who are NOT laymen and lay women, I would urge great caution in participating in the Sutri Initiative if you are a priest, deacon or religious, since your letter could be used against you to persecute you, if any one of the Bishops receiving it return a copy to your superior. But if you are a Bishop you should write them as you have the grave duty to act.

At the same time, Bishops have, on account of the objective state of impedition of the Apostolic See, now awesome powers and liberty of action, as I have explained here.


Archbishop Viganò: Globalism is the system to introduce the Antichrist

Editor’s Note: The Archbishop gave his intervention via video to the National Congress of Sovereign Popular Democracy, an organization which is co-sponsored by Francesco Toscana, a non-Catholic who refused any collaboration with the Catholic Party, “L’Italia per gli Italiani” (Italy for Italians), which is anti-masonic and requires candidates to be married in a Catholic marriage with children. — The Archbishop’s analysis is very good, as he speaks of the methods of coercion used by Globalists to enslave mankind. Yet, I sense that there is a tone of despair in the good Archbishop’s voice, because he advocates no canonical action to save the Church from this trap.

Cardinal Ambongo: By ‘Fiducia supplicans’ Pope Francis has discredited the Synod on Synodality

Editor’s Note: It has not even been two weeks since Cardinal Ambongo went to Rome and crafted a letter with Cardinal Koch to make it appear that the Bishops of Africa would agree to disagree, while accepting ‘Fiducia supplicans’.

Now, surprisingly, he has openly decried Pope Francis without naming him, for perpetrating a dishonest fraud on the entire Catholic World through his “synodal process”. This is a major shift in the relationship between African Bishops and Pope Francis. And we can expect even more militancy from the Mystical Body of Christ in Africa, which, we pray, has finally realized that Pope Francis needs to repent of his heretical profession or he needs to be removed from power.

If you have contacts in Africa, please share with them the articles on the Sutri Initiative and the Impeded See, which are now available in English, French and Italian, with your contacts there. Let us do our little part to uproot the problems in the Church once and for all.

USA: Health Insurers paid big bucks to Doctors to DeathVaxx all their patients

Editor’s Note: This was obviously a tactic to kill off the elderly who would make the most claims on their insurance. It implies the executives of the insurance companies knew the lethal effects.

Bishop Strickland: Pope Francis is a “diabolically disorientated clown”!

Editor’s Note: Our Lord commands us not to use invective against our enemies, while by His example He teaches that some moderate forms of insult, such as when he called Herod a vixen, are required as a public rebuke. But when we seek only the psychological out-gassing, as I call it, which comes with calling evil people names, we can often be deceived into not opposing error and evil in the right way. Ann Barnhardt and Mundabor are classic examples of this. It is called “bitter zeal” by the saints and it is easy to fall into it.

Bishop Strickland was ardent in his verbal criticism, but folded like paper, when push came to shove. That is not the Catholic way to respond. Now he is going to talk at political meetings and rallies, has grown a beard, and ostensibly no longer has any interest in saving the Church from heresy. — That does not make him the greatest sinner in the Church; but as a Bishop he will be damned if he does nothing more than a layman or Franciscan brother.

Pope Francis: Everyone who criticizes ‘Fiducia supplicans’ will eventually accept it

Rebuttal by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Many have accused or alleged that Pope Francis is a false prophet, but no one story or quote has so demonstrated the truth of that accusation as this one. — You have to be way beyond simply confused or ignorant, to allege that in the future your heretical blasphemy which runs counter to logic, reason, the Gospel and all Biblical or Apostolic teaching will become the faith of the Church.

Yet there is some truth in what he says ….

But while his assertion is blasphemous and heretical, there is a truth in it for the fake opposition. What he is really saying is that 99% of those whom you think oppose it, are merely grifters who will move along withe the heretical flow out of fear of being out of sync with “the pope”.

That I would agree with, as has been demonstrated on numerous occasions in the past 4 years, about which I frequently comment. For grifters, opposition only means criticism today, acceptance tomorrow, since they follow the modus operandi of the conservative Masonic Lodges, which operates this way to suppress true opposition to the projects of the Illuminati-Rothschilds. That is why they will always be promoted, because they are your most clever enemies.

Indeed, logically, criticism presupposes acceptance — Only rejection implies condemnation

And condemnation to be true seeks the removal of the causes of the error, which are Pope Francis, Cardinal Fernandez and the staff of the Dicastery.

In this way true Catholics will persevere and triumph over this heretical conspiracy of this homosexual cabal.

And for those, whose Dioceses have fallen to this apostasy, you can do your part to fight, by joining the Committee against Apostasy in taking a stand in your own diocese, a unique way of working against this evil prophecy of the man whom by all means wants to be the False Prophet spoken of by Saint John.

Brainwashing by repetition

The reason why Pope Francis has said this outrage is because he knows that, by now, most Catholics are so plugged into the Matrix, that they simply believe what they are told on social media, and pay no attention any more to Jesus Christ, the Apostles, the Doctors or Fathers of the Church, or anything before Vatican II. He has spent his 10+ reign gaslighting the Catholic world, and while the Prayer of Christ as High Priest is now raising a storm against him, he is doubled down and decided that God is his enemy.

The Apocalyptic Battle has begun

The Catholic Church is thus now truly involved in an apocalyptic battle, because it is true, that most Catholics in practice are pagans, and no longer care to fight against evil, anywhere, least of all in the Church. The feel overwhelmed by the intransigence of Pope Francis, who like a pedophile who the police won’t arrest, is intent on making everyone accept his deprivations. The Catholic World by sinning in accepting what the MSM said about Feb. 11, 2013, and taking what Cardinals and Bishops said, while denying what they could see with their own eyes, committed a moral error which has enslaved them to lies, and only rare souls, by the grace of the Blessed Virgin, are waking up and breaking free.

Yet, the vast majority are still plugged into the Web of Darkness, which has now been woven over all the nations, and much of the “opposition” to ‘Fiducia supplicans’ will melt away for that reason.

This is why for those who understand how dangerous this document is, not doing anything to get Pope Francis removed from office, nor opposing its errors in their own town, is contributing to this mass Apostasy.

We are in an Apocalyptic Battle, and the battle lines are now clearly drawn. And if you can see them, your culpability is all the greater, if you shirk your duty to fight to save the Church. Let us not be persuaded to do nothing, and let us realize that all those voices who say to do nothing, or to not listen to the voices which call for us to do something, are literally of the devil.

Use Discernment

So mark out which Catholic Media outlets are no longer using the words, “blasphemous”, “heretical”, “apostate” in regards to this controversy, but have toned down their reports to “confusing”, “scandalous”, “hard to understand”, “contradictory”.  And how nearly every last one of them, including all the talking heads who “hate” Bergoglio and denounce him daily, have accepted the de facto position of Sedevacantists, who, like the multitude of devils of sloth, advocate nothing to restore the papacy.

In the meantime, in response to this evil prophecy of Pope Francis, respond with, “It’s time to crusade to get this man removed from the Papacy!”: and join the Sutri Initiative. And in response to the voices who are telling you to shut up, stop with the criticisms, and who will play all the political cards of the LGTBSQEZ+ movement, like feigning to be offended, injured or hurt by your “hateful words”, tell them frankly that they are going to Hell and need to repent.

At the Vatican Cardinal Fernandez is the controlling force?

Editor’s Note: In this article, the National Catholic Registered, which is owned by ETWN, just as is the Catholic News Agency, runs an article intended to gaslight the Catholic world, just as the AntiCatholic Propaganda Agency attempted too.

First of all, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith — in addition to being uncanonical, or non-existent, since it was created by Pope Francis during his anti-papacy — is not a Congregation. So the article attempts a fraud by imagining that Cardinal Fernandez is now in a position similar to the Gran Inquisitors of the past, who were holy, devout and 1000% Catholic.

Second, the author, who gathers his stories from the bars around the Vatican and is clearly an amateur, is trying to make it appear that Pope Francis is not responsible, but that the Cardinal having inserted himself into his favors, is wielding undue influence.

This is what passes for “Catholic” “News” today. ETWN should be ashamed of themselves. It is clear that Opus Dei is now controlling their editorial departments. It is also highly probable that EWTN has chosen to join in the disinformation so as to keep their access at the Vatican. But both acts, they have totally betrayed the legacy of Mother Angelica.

VATICAN: Pope Francis berates opponents of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ as “small ideological groups”

Editor’s Note: In this report by a former Associated Press journalist, now pretending to be a Catholic, the Catholic world is gaslighted into thinking that the Catholic position on blessings represents a “small ideological” group which in time will be enlightened by the wisdom of Pope Francis to abandon Gospel teaching. The hubris of the article is only exceeded by that of Pope Francis. — To call the Catholic position names is canonically sufficient evidence of public, manifest pertinacity against revealed doctrine.

The Catholic News Agency has thus proven what they really mean by their name: Anti-Catholic Propaganda Agency.

The Sutri Initiative remains the only true Catholic response, short of praying the Lord to intervene.

The comments of Pope Francis were made during his interview by La Stampa. An English translation was published by Vatican News, see below:


di Frà Alexis Bugnolo

Versioni: Inglese e Francesce

Ieri ho spiegato da Sutri, in Italia, come il Primo Concilio Provinciale o Sinodo di Sutri– mise fine all’orribile caos della Chiesa Romana nel 1046, quando tre uomini diversi rivendicarono l’ufficio di Papa: uno un predatore sodomita, un altro un vero e proprio usurpatore, e un altro ancora un flagrante simoniaco.

Chiedo oggi a tutti i fedeli del mondo intero di ascoltare una voce sana di mente: fare ciò che fecero i fedeli dell’XI secolo e chiedere che si tenga nuovamente un Concilio provinciale, per porre fine agli anni di scandali, bestemmie, eresie e scismi, per non parlare delle persecuzioni, perpetrate e promosse da Jorge Mario Bergoglio, il quale pretende di ricoprire la carica di Romano Pontefice.

L’Iniziativa Sutri è l’unica soluzione giuridica e reale per porre fine alla crisi della Chiesa romana, poiché affronta il problema direttamente e in modo canonicamente valido e facile.

Ma per giungere alla convocazione di un tale Concilio, noi fedeli dobbiamo far sentire la nostra voce e chiedere ai Vescovi della Provincia Romana di convocarlo.

Questi Vescovi e Vescovi Ausiliari appartengono alle seguenti 20 giurisdizioni. Cliccando sui link sottostanti potrete trovare gli indirizzi del Vescovo o dei Vescovi Ausiliari. Vi esorto a scrivere a tutti, individualmente, una lettera personale.

Roma {Rome}: Albano (Sede Suburbicaria), Anagni-Alatri, Civita Castellana, Civitavecchia-Tarquinia, Frascati (Sede Suburbicaria), Frosinone-Veroli-Ferentino, Gaeta (Arcdiocesi), Latina-Terracina-Sezze-Priverno, Montecassino (Abbazia territoriale), Ostia (Sede Suburbicaria), Palestrina (Sede Suburbicaria), Porto-Santa Rufina (Sede Suburbicaria), Rieti (-S. Salvatore Maggiore), Sabina-Poggio Mirteto (Sede Suburbicaria), Subiaco (Abbazia territoriale), Tivoli, Velletri-Segni (Sede Suburbicaria), Viterbo

Poiché in 4 casi, un Vescovo governa 2 diocesi contemporaneamente (come nei casi di Frascati & Velletri, Porto Santa Rufina & Civitavecchia-Tarquinia, Tivoli & Palestrina, Frosinone-Veroli-Ferrentino & Anagni-Alatri), e poiché non esiste più una Diocesi (Ostia) separata da Roma, gli attuali 15 indirizzi dei 15 Vescovi da contattare via lettera sono i seguenti. Qui li scrivo nello stile in uso in Italia.

​Msgr. Vincenzo Viva
Vecovo di Albano
Curia Vescovile
Piazza Vescovile, 11
00041 Albano Laziale (ROMA)

Msgr. Ambrogio Spreafico
Curia Vescovile
Via dei Villini, 82
03014 Fiuggi (Frosinone)

Msgr. Marco Salvi
Curia Diocesana
Piazza Matteotti, 27
01033 Civita Castellana (Viterbo)

Msgr. Gianrico Ruzza
Piazza Calamatta 1
00053 Civitavecchia (Roma), Italia

Msgr.Stefano Russo
Curia Vescovile
Piazza Paolo III 10
00044 Frascati (Roma)

Msgr. Luigi Vari
Piazza Arcivescovado 2
04024 Gaeta (Latina)

Msgr. Mariano Crociata
Via Sezze 16
04100 Latina

Abbate Antonio Luca Fallica, O.S.B.
Via Montecassino,
03043 Cassino (Frosinone)

Cardinale Angelo De Donatis
Vicariato di Roma
Piazza S. Giovanni in Laterano 6/a
00184 Roma, Italia

Msgr. Mauro Parmeggiani
Curia Vescovile
Piazza Gregorio Pantanelli 8
00036 Palestrina (Roma)

Msgr. Gianrico Ruzza
Curia Vescovile
Via del Cenacolo 53
00123 Roma – La Storta (ROMA)

Msgr. Vito Piccinonna
Via Cintia 83
02100 Rieti

Msgr. Ernesto Mandara
Piazza Mario Dottori 14
02047 Poggio Mirteto (Rieti)

Abbate Mauro Meacci, O.S.B.
Piazza S. Scolastica 1
00028 Subiaco (ROMA)

Msgr. Orazio Francesco Piazza
Palazzo Vescovile
Piazza S. Lorenzo 9/a
01100 Viterbo

Lettera proposta

Possiamo farlo tramite lettere o parlando di persona. A riguardo, possiamo agire in due modi diversi: uno, elencando tutti gli errori, le eresie, le bestemmie e le persecuzioni perpetrate da Jorge Mario Bergoglio negli anni in cui ha rivendicato il Papato; oppure possiamo illuminare i Vescovi sul corretto modo canonico di procedere, dato che la maggior parte dei suddetti forse non ha le idee chiare.

Questo secondo aspetto del problema è il più cruciale perché è quello meno evidente.

E quindi, nell’Iniziativa Sutri, vi esorto a rendere la vostra lettera efficace, dovreste assicurarvi che contenga la corretta giustificazione canonica e argomentazione.

Presento una proposta di testo, che potrete indirizzare a ciascun vescovo e firmare con il vostro nome, cognome e indirizzo. Potete scrivere in italiano, francese o inglese, oppure, se scrivete in un’altra lingua, allegate una traduzione della vostra lettera in una di queste tre lingue.

Testo proposto

Sua Eccellenza,

Le scrivo in accordo con i miei diritti nel canone 212, §2, per chiedere che si ponga fine agli scandali, alle eresie, alle bestemmie e alla confusione dottrinale e morale promossi da Papa Francesco e dai suoi nominati nella Curia Romana, in quanto ciò provoca la perdita di decine di milioni di anime, che vengono così poste nel più grave pericolo spirituale, confusione e disorientamento per la costante affermazione di cose contrarie alla Divina Rivelazione, alla Tradizione Sacra e Apostolica, alla Dottrina Cattolica e alla dogmi definiti dai Concili di Trento e Vaticano I.

Pertanto, in accordo con il canone 1752, il quale afferma che la salvezza delle anime è il bene più grande e il fine più alto di ogni ordinamento giuridico nella Chiesa di Gesù Cristo, vi prego di riconoscere che a causa dei continui gravi scandali perpetrati da Jorge Mario Bergoglio, la Sede Apostolica è stata messa in stato di impedimento, poiché milioni di cattolici non riescono a conciliare i suoi ostinati errori ed eresie come compatibili con l’appartenenza alla Chiesa cattolica, cosa senza la quale qualità egli non può essere legittimo detentore del Munus petrino o pretendente al Dignità apostolica

Pertanto, poiché secondo i can. 440 ss., il Concilio provinciale nella Provincia ecclesiastica romana ha il potere di giudicare e discernere tutte le questioni che riguardano il bene comune della Chiesa, e poiché il dubbio sulla cattolicità di un pretendente alla  Sede Apostolica rende impossibile alla Chiesa in buona coscienza di restare in comunicazione con il suddetto, perché un papa dubius papa nullius est, diventa suo grave dovere davanti al Dio vivente e alla Chiesa intera, sollecitare la convocazione di tale Concilio Provinciale  secondo il diritto espresso nel canone 440 §1.

Tale Concilio può essere legittimamente convocato a norma del can. 442 § 2, perché un dubbio circa la pretesa di un uomo all’ufficio di Romano Pontefice crea un tale conflitto di interessi che egli non può legittimamente impedirne la convocazione né ne ha alcun diritto finché persista in gravi errori morali e dottrinali, come quest’uomo ha fatto per anni secondo il giudizio di milioni di anime. Lo stato di impedimento esiste di fatto a causa della sua incapacità di ritrattare i suoi errori pubblici, il cui elenco si allunga settimanalmente.

Esigo pertanto che per la salvezza delle anime, per allontanare ogni scandalo e per ottenere l’eventuale grazia della conversione di quell’uomo, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, dai suoi cammini sbagliati, che tale Concilio sia convocato a norma dei canoni 443 e 444, e che eserciti la sua autorità plenaria in conformità al canone 445, pronunciando se l’uomo che rivendica l’ufficio del Papato rifiuta la fede cattolica, ha rotto la comunione con la Chiesa, o è un apostata e idolatra. Che l’imputato venga chiamato a spiegare le sue ragioni. I Padri conciliari lo interroghino su questioni di fede e di morale cattolica; sia permesso che i suoi scandali pubblici siano elencati perché li ascolti. Sia richiamato alla fede cattolica, alla retta morale e ad una sana pastorale dei fedeli. Gli si chieda di ritrattare i suoi errori e, se lo fa, lo si preghi e si consigli di ritirare i suoi rovinosi decreti. Se rifiuta il rimprovero, sia dichiarato colpevole di uno o più delitti puniti con la scomunica latae sententiae nel can. 1364 e il Concilio dichiari che la Sede di Pietro è legittimamente vacante.

Il Concilio Provinciale di Roma rimproverò Papa Marcellino per il suo atto di pubblica idolatria del dio romano Marte, e il Concilio Provinciale tenutosi a Sutri nel 1046 depose tre indegni pretendenti al Trono Apostolico, per la loro grave immoralità e pretese illecite: Benedetto IX, Silvestro III e Gregorio VI.

È suo dovere davanti al Dio vivente provvedere alla salvezza delle anime. Il Consiglio provinciale della Provincia ecclesiastica romana ha l’autorità per diritto e per precedente di agire in tal senso. In gioco ci sono più di un miliardo di anime.

Abbia timore del Dio vivente circa quale sarà il suo giudizio se non darà ascolto ad una soluzione così ragionevole, giuridicamente valida e onesta, alla più grande crisi della storia del Papato. E abbia fiducia come ha fatto san Paolo apostolo, quando andò ad Antiochia per rimproverare faccia a faccia san Pietro, per non aver rispettato i decreti del primo Concilio di Gerusalemme.

Perché, se crede che quell’uomo sia Pietro, deve avere fiducia che lo Spirito Santo lo ricondurrà a uno stato d’animo cattolico; e se non crede che sia Pietro, ha il solenne dovere di attivarsi per dichiarare legittimamente vacante la Sede Apostolica.

Cordiali saluti,

​Per Maggiori Informazioni

Su la procedura giuridica in un concilio provinciale per riprendere e deporre un papa eretico, vedi QUI

First Anniversary of the election of Pope Francis

JANUARY 30, 2024 A. D.

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction française

One year ago, at about 12:30 P.M., at the Rome Mariott Hotel, at Rome, Italy, the Catholics of Rome met and elected a successor to Pope Benedict XVI.

I was there, and here I commemorate the event, which was unique in the history of the Church.

For at that Assembly the Faithful used their Apostolic Right to elect their own Bishop to rectify the canonical mess which resulted from the Declaration of Pope Benedict XVI on Feb. 11, 2013: a mess which consisted in giving the Church two popes: the one, who was canonically elected in 2005 and who remained such until his death in 2022: Pope Benedict XVI; and the other, an anti-pope, Francis, uncanonically elected on March 13, 2013.

I have spoken about the essence of the problem, the other day, here; but here I want to memorialize the Faithful Catholics who solved the worse juridical problem in the history of the Church by their simple faith.

Who were they?

They were simple faithful who saw the advertisements on television or heard them on radio, announcing the event. Some of them had followed the controversy of the two popes for some time, being well aware of the writings of Andrea Cionci, an opera singer and free-lance time journalist who lives at Rome, and the video lectures of Don Alessandro Minutella, the pastor of the Parish of Don Bosco, at Palermo. Others came to know of the controversy after their friends told them of hearing of this Assembly via television.

I spoke with all of them for sometime.

They were also devout Catholics who lived by the Catholic Faith. It was enough for them to know the facts and want to participate. They were no social media junkies or followers of anyone but Jesus Christ. One was a school teacher, the other a retired office worker, another a day worker, others casilinghi, moms who worked at home.

What did they think of their Apostolic Right?

All accepted the historical facts that the Faithful of Rome had always elected their own bishop. I explained all that I had done to inform the whole Church at Rome and the Cardinals. All said that they had seen my informative videos about these matters before or found them after they had seen the announcements.

I had hired 26 security officers to make sure that only Catholics from the Diocese of Rome or one of the Suburbican Dioceses entered the Hall were the voting took place. Each officer was equipped with a card which explained the nature of ecclesiastical residence required by anyone wanting to vote and how to verify it by documents. All who entered were in possession of the required documents: certificates off Baptism to prove they were Roman Catholics, and IDs issued by the Italian Republic to prove residency in the specified geographical zone. I too met the requirements, having resided at Rome for the last 3 years and 3 months.

We spent an hour in prayer. And we began discussions around 11:15 as to whom to elect. During that time all the faithful expressed dismay that the followers of Cionci and MInutella, who for 2  and 7 years, respectively, had decried that Benedict XVI was still the pope, did not show at all; did not really care whether the Church had a pope or not. — They still do not, as the events of the last year, prove.

Which Candidates did they propose?

One man asked if he could be a candidate. I explained the requirements of Canon Law: namely, that one be a man from birth, baptized and not married, and free from ecclesiastical censure. As he was married he withdrew his interest. I was the only unmarried man present; so someone asked me if I would be a candidate.

Others suggested Andrea Cionci or Don Minutella. As Cionci is a married man and Don Minutella had told me expressly that he did not want to be elected, because he was already managing a number of legal claims against him, I expressed my view that we had to consider others.

I refused immediately, also.

I explained that the Assembly should elect someone who is already a Bishop, so that by their election he should become pope immediately upon accepting his election.

Someone suggested Archbishop Viganò, another one of the Cardinals, and I myself suggested Bishop Henry Gracida, Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas.

We then discussed which was more likely to accept his election. I expressed my confidence of being able to convince Msgr. Gracida. I also said that the other candidates proposed all refused to recognize Pope Benedict XVI as the Pope until his death, so that it would be highly unlikely and very improbably that they would accept.

I pointed out the difficulty of the situation. The Assembly did not yet take a vote but nearly everyone was against electing a Bishop whom they never heard of. And so the candidacy of Gracida was ignored.

At this point some of the faithful present chose not to vote and left the assembly. I asked them at least to remain as witnesses, so that they could affirm in the future, what they saw and how the vote went. They left anyhow.

How did they conduct the Election?

From this point onward, other than about 4 security guards, only those who actually voted were present. No one else can claim to know what happened but them. So everyone who has reported these events in the last year is simply speculating and lying to claim to have some report or information. I never gave an interview about the matter either.

At this point I explained to the Assembly the danger of not electing anyone. It was already a public fact that the Roman Church had this right in the absence of action by the College of Cardinals — I explained this 4 years before in a Scholastic Question — and if we did not exercise this right; anyone could convene another such Assembly and elect whom knows who.

As there were no viable candidates, I pointed out that we had come together to solve 2 problems in the Church. The first was to elect a worthy man, and the second was to give the Church again, a man through whom they could be united to Christ the Shepherd, as His Vicar on Earth, restoring the juridical order.

As we had no worthy candidates, I explained we could at least do the greater of the two goods, by electing Pope Francis as Benedict XVI’s successor. This would give back to 1 billion Catholics the grace of the Holy Spirit which they lacked for 10 years by following the wrong man. It would also allow all Catholics to attend Mass again at all the Masses in the world, which would name the same man as the Roman Pontiff in the canon.

Someone asked if Pope Francis would accept his election. I pointed out that this Assembly was operating under Apostolic Right and was not bound by all the strictures of canon law. In canon law,  an election is considered accepted when the one elected expressly and verbally accepts. If he does not, Canon Law holds he has not accepted. In ecclesiastical elections he has, I believe, 7days to consider it. There must be witnesses to his acceptance.

But as I explained, this Assembly was bound by no stricture, since Saint Peter never established the norms by which the election would be accepted; so we had to follow the Natural Law which holds that acceptance can be expressed and actual, or tacit and habitual. Expressed and actual could by by word or writing or some clear sign. Tacit and habitual could only be from one who already thought he held the office by a prior election and remained publicly and manifestly intent upon holding the office. Thus, if we were to elect Bergoglio, his expressed acceptance of his election in March 2013 was sufficient as tacit and habitual acceptance of our election of him in this Assembly.

The Assembly agreed with my explanation. So we prayed and like the disciples at the Foot of the Cross, when all the world stood against Christ, we trusted in the High Priestly Prayer of Christ that Pope Francis hitherto lacked, would right the barque of Peter, and elected him by a unanimous vote. The time was a little before 12:30 P.M., one year ago today.


I invited all to dine with me for lunch, and only one Catholic who had come from Milan but was not allowed to enter the Hall, accepted my invitation, as best I can remember; because I had a bad cold, and went home thereafter.

If you have the simplicity of a child, you can see and accept what the Catholics of Rome did for each and all of us Catholics world wide. We did what we could, when we could, with what we could and in the only manner we could. We could have done more, but all stood against us. We were like the disciples at Calvary. We were constrained to trust in the Salvific Prayer and Promises of the Crucified One.

All this was made possible by the readers of FromRome.Info who donated 53,000 dollars to pay for the expenses. The remainder, 7 thousand, was donated by my relatives. They share fully in the merit of this work, which was and perhaps shall remain, the greatest work of juridical right ever undertaken by the Catholic Faithful without assistance or support of any Bishop.

For from 12:30 P.M. January 30 of last year, the Church has had and recognized universally a juridically and validly elected Roman Pontiff.

And God the Father and God the Holy Spirit have worked two miracles since to prove the juridical validity of what these Catholics accomplished. Praise God! Amen.

What remains now, is for Catholics to do what they did not do that day: give the Church a worthy man to be Roman Pontiff. This they can do by seeing that Pope Francis is solemnly rebuked and if he refuse rebuke, removed from office, via the Sutri Initiative; or praying the Lord Jesus, that He remove him from office, so that in the next Conclave a true Catholic be elected.

For more information about how this Assembly was conducted and came to be called, see here. For more information about how Pope Benedict XVI remained pope see here. For more information about how Bergoglio was uncanonically elected, see here. — FromRome.Info has uniquely chronicled the events in the history of the Roman Church in our times, just as now we are in regard to the rejection of Fiducia Supplicans. — Please Subscribe to FromRome.Info if you appreciate this (see bottom of this page)


CREDITS: The Featured Image shows the fresco above the dining hall at the Rome Mariott Hotel, which was painted nearly a dozen years before. It depicts a Cross in the Sky above the Piazza of St. Peter, just as was seen at the funeral of Pope Benedict XVI on January 6, 2023. By “just as was seen” I mean to say, that it was seen in the sky pointing in the direction of the Hotel, on the day of the Funeral.

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