Fiducia supplicans has ripped the mask off Pope Francis’ Gay Opposition

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

After more than 10 years it is glaringly obvious that those influencers who do everything they can to get you to read their articles and watch their videos and attend their conferences, because they are criticizing Pope Francis, are totally insincere in their love for Holy Mother Church.

For how an anyone talk about a crisis for 10+ years and never once advocate for its solution?

Worse, how can these critics of Bergoglio honestly go on, day after day, proposing no other solution than than you read their articles, subscribe to their newsletters, donate to their appeals (to pay their own salaries)?

The Church is not a football game. And anyone wanting to make a living simply discussing Her destruction from within, is worse than sick.

These folk are what I called this summer, the “Gay Opposition” of Pope Francis: a name which irked not a few of them.

I used the term, as an anthropologist and in analogy. I am not saying that they are sodomites. But I am saying that just as sodomites comport themselves with the natural gifts God gave them, refusing to use them in the only natural way God wills that they be used, and using them in all the other illicit ways, all of which are fruitless, so the social media and journalistic influencers, nay, even the Cardinals and Bishops who have criticizes Bergoglio for 10+ years are using their gifts in all the wrong way, precisely because they NEVER advocate the solution to the problem which is the formal rebuke of the man and his deposition from the papacy for heresy, apostasy, and for being a freemason — a thing only the Church can do in a council.

But if you had any hope that this grifter collective (as they are also known generically) merits the name of “Gay opposition”, just count how many of them want Pope Francis deposed as a heretic for having signed Fiducia supplicans.

Can you count them on the fingers of one hand?

Whereas the voices of countless unheard of Catholics and even of non-Catholics are openly calling for the man to be burned at the stake.

Note the difference.

Even the B16 Sedevacantists are outraged after Fiducia supplicans’ publication that I have proposed Pope Francis be deposed in Council!

You see, one of the most effective psyops is the limited hangout. That is where the intelligence agent of your enemy agrees with you 98% in order to convince you to do nothing about fighting the enemy and to keep you taking information from him. It is psychologically deflating and it appeals to weak minds who want friendship more than truth and have no stomach for battle, precisely because they love no one but themselves. — This is the goal of the Gay Opposition.

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12 thoughts on “Fiducia supplicans has ripped the mask off Pope Francis’ Gay Opposition”

  1. All you have said is true. This is the same with the US Republican Party and the Pro-Life groups. They really don’t want an end to abortion. They would no longer have a “cause” from which to grift. They would no longer be necessary.

    1. Same with the Gay Lobbying which is now extended into the Trans Cults with the Earth Mother Climate Change Cult…
      ALL THE SAME FUNDED SOROS for the associated New/One World Order International Mafia.

  2. Never having made much money in any endeavour, I don’t understand this grifting.

    Burning at the stake would be too good for him.

  3. Burning at the stake is over with in 5 min…but, the burning fires of Hell are forever. Pray, Do Penance…Rosary Novena. A good Confession. Etc

    1. Not necessarily…Native Americans were traditionally known to maintain a slow burning fire for days to torturously burn a human alive….Depending upon what the infraction was.

  4. I came across information about Opus Dei at this website:

    I believe Opus Dei plays a more significant role in the VII Church and its defenders and fake opposition than many might think. The articles on that blog crystallize an intuition I’ve had for years, but I couldn’t articulate it due to a lack of knowledge. You might find it very interesting, and if you have the time to read it, I would appreciate hearing your opinion!

    Thank you for your work.

      1. Hi Brother Bugnolo. I understand you are busy, but the link that Diego has posted I think puts Opus Dei in the the proper light detailing its history, mentality, and cooperation with the forces of liberalism. When you do have some time I encourage you to read the articles (5 part series) and make some shows with AJ or simply some comentary.

        We need to have the amunition to convert Opus Dei members. Only then will it collapse from within.

    1. Diego. This is a very interesting analysis on Opus Dei. I have heard similar commentary from people who used to be affiliated with Opus Dei but now attend the TLM. I have the feeling that OD are trying to position their candidate to be the next Pope.

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