Wikipedia Editor PBritti Slashes out News about Fiducia Supplicans Opposition

Editor’s Note: No sooner than real opposition to Fiducia supplicans became news, that opposition’s statements were added to the Wikipedia article on the Document (see link above) on Dec. 20th. — Yet, 76 minutes later, Pbritti, a Wikipedia editor erased the entire section, in a pharisaical fit of ideological book burning.

PBritti describes himself as a history major from Colorado who appears to spends his time falsifying Catholic history on Wikipedia. But his bio on Wikipedia makes one think he is really a Gay Anglican faking to be a Catholic on wikipedia. — His reason for slashing out all the news about the opposition to the document was that the sources cited were not approved by him!

Wikipedia is currently in a financial crisis which risks its future. If the company had any honest intention of offering objective fact based information to the public, then they would have bounced editors like PBritti off the platform years ago and instantly. Contrariwise, Wikipedia is notorious for their gangs of Marxist operatives, who bounce off the platform anyone who would call PBritti out. For that reason, those critics of Wikipedia who think the platform should actually be banned for misinformation certainly have PBritti and friends to thank for proving them right, once again!

PBritti’s apparent objection to the entire section was that one reference cited an article at FromRome.Info, and that Wikipedia’s algo immediately identified that link as untrustworthy. — This is Wikipedia double-speak for “not funded by the CIA”.

Wikipedia is just another example of how Globalist Ideologues confront information: not about the reality which is or was, but about the reality they insist it was or be or should be. It is increasingly nothing more than a psychotic exercise in self will, which is probably why it has become the haunt of the unstable.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

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  1. They tried to shake me for a dollar or two a few times. I told them to ask George Soros. He has money.

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