VATICAN: Heretical Document stands, but its implementation is optional says Cardinal Fernandez

Editor’s Note: It is obvious in the way the Vatican is responding to the world-wide outrage at the document, Fiducia supplicans, that the persons in charge at the Vatican are pure politicians and do not have  drop of faith in the Living God, Whose Most Sacred Name they are willing to bandy about to advance the most perverse politics inside the Church. — If the document does not have to be implemented, then it is not binding on anyone. And if it is not binding on anyone it is not and never can be magisterial teaching. And if it is not magisterial teaching then the Roman Pontiff and the Roman Curia has no responsibility to publish such a blasphemous document.

This document cannot be left to stand. Those who signed it and those who agree with it in any way are apostates from the One Catholic Religion, wherein the bond of Marriage alone is capable of a blessing by a minister appointed by God. For whether the Bishop or Priest or Deacon blesses using the Divine Name or not, in the verbal expression employed, by the mere fact that he is a minister appointed sacramentally by Christ to represent Him, they invoke God’s Divine Name in approval.

Priests who want to give God’s approval to sexual abominations should be hung, and bishops who do this should be burnt alive. And any Catholic who has not these sentiments has no fear of the Living God or what He will do monstrous sinners such as these, Whom He shall surly damn to eternal torments in the pit of Hell, hanging them and burning them there in an eternal bonfire.

We need to preach these truths to all the clergy, so that they wake up fast. To remain silent about this controversy is to merit Hell, since every priest, deacon and Bishop has the duty to preach the unique truth of Marriage and to defend the Divine and Holy Name of Jesus from all profanation. To profane or even tolerate profanation of the Divine Name is to merit Hell, there can be no ifs and buts about it, since as all the Saints teach, to blasphemously take the Name of the Lord in vain is the worst sin meriting an infinite punishment, inasmuch as that Name is of Infinite Dignity and Majesty.

Knowing this, Cardinal Fernandez is attempting to convince Bishops to stop opposing it, so that they too can merit the inferno which he and Bergoglio have merited for its publication.

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3 thoughts on “VATICAN: Heretical Document stands, but its implementation is optional says Cardinal Fernandez”

  1. What a fight this is for the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church! It is beautiful to see such faith and reverence for the truth.

  2. Thank-you for your reports in this matter of deep heresy and apostasy…The timing and insistence upon it’s acceptance with the added dimension of practice being ‘elected’ is abominable. Give an inch into this abomination and the whole issue is already completely lost on Earth. How many souls are now lost to God from this perfidy without even yet being conceived and born?

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