Did Pope Francis sign Fiducia supplicans so that he could marry Cardinal Fernandez?

Edtior’s Note: At Germinans Germinabit, the implications of Fiducia supplicans are considered in depth. I believe the author is correct in stating that the motive of many ecclesiastical parasites in praising this document is that they want to openly get approval for their sodomitic unions. — As an anthropologist, therefore, I have to consider the possibility of personal motive also in publishing the document, why Pope Francis and Cardinal Fernandez would risk the ridicule of the world for something from which they gain no profit as a couple?

In any event, every Cardinal, Bishop, Priest, Deacon and religious brother or sister who has praised or accepted this document needs to be expelled from their offices and religious orders and reduced to the lay state. They should be permanently banned from getting anywhere near children, beaches, ministries or public latrines or bath houses.

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10 thoughts on “Did Pope Francis sign Fiducia supplicans so that he could marry Cardinal Fernandez?”

    1. Weigel’s piece is a total joke. While his criticism of Lamb is just, his sense of the pulse of life in the Catholic Church in the USA is totally delusional.

      1. Couldnt agree more. If Weigel thinks real informed Catholics actually listen to him, he’s more than delusional. Let us not forget that he’s a neocon from the Swamp in DC. He is without a doubt, a modernist and a signatory to the 1994 document ” Evangelicals and Catholics Together” called for a common united witness to the world rather than upholding Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus.

    1. At this point, it appears prudent, to believe all the rumors of moral depravity which come down the pike.

      And so, while I normally refrain from Quarter Backing the downfall of the Church, I think likely that Pope Francis, if he is not deposed or dies, will do the following in 2024:

      1. Women Deacons.
      2. Cardinal women Deacons
      3. Reform of voting rules for next Papal Election to include, laymen and women, Cardinal Women Decons.
      4. Ritual for irregular blessings (de facto gay marriage)

      At the same time, as I emphasized in October, Catholics may licitly hold that God has deposed him from the office of Peter, but if you do, then you must participate in actions like the Sutri Initiative, lest you become complicit in tolerating his abuse of the Office.

      Regarding the validity of a papal election: if the next conclave follows a new papal law or canon which permits lay people as voters, who are not resident in the Church of Rome, or allows Cardinal Women Deacons to vote, then the election will be null and void, for violating Apostolic Tradition which defined the clergy as male only, and restricted the electorate to the clergy and faithful of the Roman Church alone.

      And if that happen, then only an Assembly of Apostolic Right, as celebrated January 30th last year, would be able to have a juridically valid election of Pope Francis’ successor. — And here is where the grifter collective will once again show their true colors. Mark. My. Words. Because they will prefer a pope elected by Cardinal Women Deacons, to a pope elected by Roman Catholics who reject such an abomination and deviation from the will of Saint Peter the Apostle. And this will consummate the proof, as if more is needed, that their true lords are in the Deep State which installed Bergoglio, rather than in the Holy Trinity, Who founded the Catholic Church.

  1. The devil’s time is running short; time for the last assaults against the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

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