Sutri Initiative’s first fruits

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have it that the petitions received for the Sutri Initiative are already having a great effect on the mindset of the Bishops of the Roman Province. The publication of Fiducia supplicans having removed all masks of pretense, it is now clear to the better part of them, that the Apostolic See is occupied by a man who is doubtfully Catholic.

Thus, the Bishops are waking up to the fact that they have, in the authority of the Provincial Council, an awesome duty and means to finally solve the problem of the Church!

Keep writing your letters!

Join the Sutri Initiative if you have not already done so!

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4 thoughts on “Sutri Initiative’s first fruits”

  1. Hello Brother Alexis, still don’t know why I can’t get those suburbicarian e-mail addresses. Tomorrow I will go to post office (they’re not open on weekends where I live) to send some letters, in case I can’t send e-mails, which would be the most important ones (and possibly the most successful ones in the means of “open mind”offices I wouldn’t want to miss? Thank you.

    1. I can confirm from my experience, that if you write an email the Bishop may never see it, as the IT person in charge will mark it as spam. I wrote 700+ clergy in Rome in 2019 and only 8 saw my email. — As I do not insists you contact a Bishop by any specific means, I have remained silent about this in the past, but I do not advise it.

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