VATICAN: Cardinal Fernandez issues press release to confirm Fiducia supplicans is Heretical

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Beginning with the psychotic ideological assertions, that the opposition from more than 1000 Bishops world wide must not be considered “doctrinal opposition”, the press release issued this morning at the Vatican then descends down its own rabbit holes.

In a stunning revelation of the level of episcopal push back, the Press Release explicitly rebuts the charge of “heretical” content.

Evidently, there is no room to distance ourselves doctrinally from this Declaration or to consider it heretical, contrary to the Tradition of the Church or blasphemous.

A denial which juridically makes the case against Cardinal Fernandez and the document all the more serious, since he has refused publicly a correction on a matter of revealed truth. He is now a formal pertinacious heretic.

Aside from the fact that a press release is written in the First Person Plural, it is clear that Fernandez is attempting to smear his culpability onto all the members of the Dicastery while telling everyone what to think! — That may work in the Hall of a Peronist Dictator, but it’s not going to have legs in public debate.

The Press Release then admits that Fiducia supplicans cannot be put into practices effectively until local conditions allow, implying that the purpose of the document is to break down good morals and foster scandals. It also implies that Catholics of Africa are somehow culturally backward for being faithful to Jesus Christ and the institution of Marriage.

Cardinal Fernandez then allows all priests to practice such discernment in loco, that is, in each place. He is using the word loco incorrectly: he is a raving loco heretic.

The Press Release then drops the bomb. For it declares that the teaching contained in Fiducia supplicans by which novelty — it admits its a novelty — one distinguishes between two different kinds of blessings — must be accepted by the whole Church, since it is part of the personal magisterium of Pope Francis. — Nonsense! And pure Bunk!

In fact, as all theologians know, novelty is the hallmark of heresy. Catholic truth is never novel.

It then double downs on its heretical depravity by insisting that Bishops cannot forbid all blessings for sodomitic couples.

Then after denying the non-ritualized form of blessings are identical to ritualized form, the Press Release offers a ritualized form of spontaneous blessing for those in “irregular” (read sinful) situations (read “sexual relationships”)!

It closes by asking Catholics to read its ideologically heretical denial of the order of Creation and Salvation “without ideology” and calmly!

The Press Release has thus, become Evidence item #2 of the heretical depravity of Pope Francis and Cardinal Fernandez.



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