Wishing one & all a Blessed Epiphany of Our Lord!

To all the readers of FromRome.Info:

wishing you and yours

the blessings and light

of the New Born Savior of the World!

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10 thoughts on “Wishing one & all a Blessed Epiphany of Our Lord!”

  1. Happy Epiphany to you as well…Guess it’s time to take down the lights as the Light of the World has been born even in the midst of regression into Gnosticism, Materialism and Paganism.

    1. Grazie per i bellissimi auguri, caro Frà Alexis! Tanti carissimi Auguri di Buon Anno Nuovo e serena Santa Epifania anche a te e ai tuoi cari. E GRAZIE sempre per il tuo immenso e inestimabile lavoro per tutti noi. Grazie di tutto cuore.

  2. “Jan 6th” in politics inUS now means the anniversary of Washington DC riots! The change agents are at their game again.
    And. at the martyred St Thomas aBeckets Christmas speech 3 days before he was martyred he states the true Catholic meaning of the words” Peace “of Christ, in theHolySacrafice: It means theCROSS and all of its bloody truth and beauty….and not Kumbaya in the Mass. Find a LatinMass.

  3. Just a reminder in the Eastern Churches we are celebrating the Theophany, the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordon. and the blessings of water..

  4. Wishing you and your readers and all the world every blessing from the loving and glorious Light of the World at this Epiphany celebration!

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