Prepare yourself for the Grifter Missfires …

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Grifters do not want the problem solved, but they do want to look like they do. Thus in controversies they yell out absurd solutions which seem good but are invalid. I call these “mis-fires”, in comparison to the armed soldier who shoots his gun off in the wrong direction.

Here is a prime example:

Cardinals have no authority to judge anyone, let alone a pope. And thus, they have no authority whatsoever to investigate anyone, let alone a pope whom they elected.  — They are suppose to do that during the Conclave. Nor does any council save a provincial council at Rome, have authority determine if a claimant to the Apostolic See has a valid claim or not.

Archbishop Viganò’s call, earlier today, that the Swiss Guard arrest both Pope Francis and Cardinal Fernandez is also perplexing, because as former Secretary of the Vatican City Governorate he should know that the Guard has no such power or authority. — It is hoped that later this week, with the publication by of the procedure in Italian of how to depose a heretical pope in a provincial council, that someone will have a copy arrive at his desk for his consideration, so he can take stock of the awesome right he has as an Archbishop incardinated in the Vatican to call for such a council.

Expect Ann Barnhardt, Michael Matt, Eric Sammons, John Henry Weston et alia to misfire in the next few days as they all scramble to say something more sparkling than the next guy, but always something that won’t or cannot work.

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6 thoughts on “Prepare yourself for the Grifter Missfires …”

  1. I don’t like his style at all. He is making the church more politically-dependent prottie converts who lack true devotion. HE acts as a click-baiting agent of superstitious religious fascism. Me no likes his ministry at all. Glad you see thru his clicbait, too. Thank you.

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