E. Michael Jones endorses Fiducia supplicans

Editor’s note: There is little that needs to be said, when someone who publicly identifies as a Catholic has the gall to say that a blessing does not signify or implicate God’s approval on a person’s moral state. Evidently Jone has not the foggiest idea of religion and never had. — I publish this for record about a man who in the past said that Russia and Iran are morally superior to the West. I dare say that his friends in Russia and Iran might not agree with him on Fiducia supplicans.

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3 thoughts on “E. Michael Jones endorses Fiducia supplicans”

  1. This is the same man that concluded Juan Perón and his ideas have been a great thing for Argentina. Go figure how a man that ordered the burning of churches could be a great thing for any country. EMJ is a bright man but —just as you say— has no idea of what the Catholic faith is. My words here do not imply approval of the persons he derides as wannabe popes.

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