The Apostolic See is now impeded, by the heresy of Pope Francis — What this means


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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The Apostolic See has been impeded by the heretical actions of Pope Francis, specifically his signature on the heretical blasphemous and sacrilegious declaration known as Fiducia supplicans.

In Church Law an impeded see results from the objective incapacity of the holder of a bishopric to execute his duties. A see can be impeded by impossibility of personal liberty, external force or heresy, schism or apostasy by the person claiming the office.

By signing Fiducia supplcians Pope Francis has approved of manifest heresy against the Sacraments of the Priesthood and Marriage, as well as attempted to overthrow the teaching of Christ in the Our Father, the Second Commandment of the Decalogue and profane the Holy Name of God.

The assertion that there is a kind of blessing which a priest can bestow which does not implicate the Divine Approval or the approval by the Church, even when given to persons in an objective state of sin, and without repentance, is a heresy against the revealed truth of blessings contained in the Deposit of the Faith (cf. Numbers 23:19) and against the truth revealed by the Apostle Saint Paul, that Catholic clergy are the “ambassadors of God” (2 Corinthians 5:20), who speak in the Name of God. Fiducia supplicans also directly attacks the revealed truth that Christian marriage alone, between one man and one woman, is the only sexual union which merits the blessings of God.

Recognition that the Apostolic See is impeded, therefore, is not a schismatic act, it is rather the only morally licit and valid response to Pope Francis’ promotion of heresy and schism. While some Bishops might be tempted to break off communion with the Apostolic See, that would be wrong, because the sin here is not of Pope Francis as pope, but of Pope Francis as the man, and therefore, the See is impeded and not overthrown. — It would be overthrown if he signed a document which was heretical and imposed this as an obligation upon all Catholics. But that will never happen, because Christ promised us it would never happen, as Vatican I taught. — But recognizing the See is impeded is the just response, because to continue to pretend that nothing is wrong, and that a man who has signed a manifestly heretical document, is still fit to act as the Roman Pontiff, is consummate dishonesty and participates in his sins by tolerating that which should never be tolerated.

What Action can Bishops take world-wide to remedy impeded State of Rome

Due to the impeded state of the Holy See, the Bishops of every ecclesiastical province in the Church can convene provincial councils to declare the Apostolic See’s impeded state and to publicly reprove Pope Francis for signing such a heretical document, calling on him to rescind it. These same provincial councils, world-wide, can also call on the Bishops of the Province of Rome to convene their own council and rebuke and/or depose Pope Francis (see here). And for this they do not require permission of the Apostolic see (cf. canons 439 §2) for the same reason a provincial council in the Roman Province in virtue of canon 442 §2, during an impeded Apostolic See, can act for necessity and by the principal of subsidiarity without the consent of the man who claims to be the Roman Pontiff.

What Powers can the Bishops of the World now assume

Bishops and faithful world-wide can also refuse the nomination of new Bishops and Cardinals, as well as resist and refuse any call by Pope Francis for the resignation or translation or nomination of any Bishop in their territory.

This response to Fiducia supplicans is the truly Catholic one. Anyone speaking of doing something lesser, has not yet grasped the gravity of what has happened.

To contradict the Deposit of the Faith, either as regards the clear teaching of Scripture or the disciplines contained in Apostolic Tradition puts a man outside of the Church.

Pope Francis must recant his heresy or he must be declared deposed from the Apostolic see by his separation from the Church.

Immediate Acts of Resistance which can be undertaken by local Bishops

Consequently, until Pope Francis does so, or is removed, the Bishops of each ecclesiastical province, by necessity and the law of subsidiarity, can appoint and transfer bishops within the boundaries of their province, and make all decisions which would otherwise be made by the Roman Curia for their provinces, since recourse to the Apostolic See is now morally and canonically illicit.

And indeed, if Catholic Bishops world-wide make use of their extraordinary rights in this way, it will pressure the Bishops of the ecclesiastical province of Rome to act appropriately and end this extreme crisis in the Church of Rome.

A great number of episcopal sees are presently vacant, so there is much good work that can be done by the Bishops and the Faithful world-wide to see promoted to the episcopal dignity men who reject the heresies and heretical trajectory of Pope Francis (see List here).

If you live in any one of these ecclesiastical jurisdictions, you may now licitly and lawfully call on the Catholic clergy of the diocese and/or the Bishops of the Province, to nominate a Catholic Bishop for your diocese. Then invite Catholic Bishops from the province or elsewhere to consecrate him. I urge you to act quickly and prudently by first contacting only the anti-Fiducia supplicans clergy and informing them of the awesome rights they now enjoy.

Finally, in those ecclesiastical provinces where a Bishop speaks in favor of Fiducia supplicans, the other Bishops may now convene a provincial council to rebuke and depose him for heresy.

How the impeded state of the Apostolic See will effect the next papal election

The Church is now in a very precarious juridical state, because if Pope Francis without renouncing his heresy of Fiducia supplicans should alter or publish a new law for papal election, and/or appoint men who favor Fiducia supplicans as Cardinals, then the election of his successor will be juridically doubtful, since the man, who is pope, who has impeded the See, can no longer licltly exercise the authority of the See, if he refuses to repent publicly of his crime against the Catholic Church, Her Faith, and the rights of all the faithful to practice the authentic Catholic Faith. Nay, refusal to repent signifies that all his other acts are tainted with his heresy and schism, and thus can be lawfully and licitly rejected by the Faithful.

Here the case is not the same as the appointment by the then rival Pope Francis of cardinals under Pope Benedict XVI, because by the election of Bergoglio by the Faithful of Rome on Jan. 30 of last year, their nominations were convalidated. Nor is is the same case as the appointment of Cardinals after Amoris Laetitia, because the Apostolic See was not and cannot be impeded by the actions of an antipope.

But with Fiducia supplicans, we have a document which is manifestly an attack on the entire Catholic Faith signed by the Roman Pontiff, the conditions of which fulfill those to impede the See.

But the situation is precarious for another reason, because if Pope Francis does act to touch in any way the next papal election, the only way to have a juridically valid Catholic pope will be an election by Apostolic Right. But since the grifter-collective and Pope Francis’ ‘gay opposition’ have already calumniated this manner of election in the minds of most Catholics, they cannot advocate for such an election in the future, having burnt their bridges.

Please join me, therefore, in praying for the Church of Rome, which truly has few friends, allies or those who truly love Her. We are beset all around with the godless, the mercenary, and the insanely imprudent puffed up egomaniacs who have set themselves up as the arbiters of the Church, without any knowledge of what they speak, and with not a drop of love for Christ or the salvation of the world. And until the Cardinals, Bishops, Clergy, Religious and faithful stop listening to such false and treacherous folk, the Church will continue to be destroyed from withing and millions of souls will be lost.



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  1. Traduction française :


    Quiconque parle de faire quelque chose de moindre n’a pas encore saisi la gravité de ce qui s’est passé.

    1. “It is written,” he said to them, “‘My house will be a house of prayer’; but you have made it ‘a den of robbers.’”
      Luke 19:45

      Now, their expulsion from the temple is near.

  2. Apostle told us of the apostasy in his day and that it would continue..“They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us”
    1 John 2:19
    It is the spirit of antichrist within the clerical system of the church having reached to such an exalted place, that they reckon themselves and their doctrine to be above the Authority of God and that of His word .. It is as you said in previous post , a vanity of God’s holy name.

    1. I think you believe a mere assertion constitutes an argument, but you also have not read the About Page to see why I publish comments. They are not here as a forum or a dialogue, since I do not have time for that. At FromRome.Info I have published 10 thousand articles documenting the facts upon which I base my argumentation. If you hold another position explain that on your own blog.

    1. No, that is not correct. The See became impeded on Feb. 29, 2013 by a renunciation of ministry, which entailed a legal refusal to speak to the Faithful as the pope.

      But when Pope Benedict XVI died, that impeded status ended.

      A see is not impeded when there is no pope, that is, during a sede vacante.

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