Jonathan Chan: Pope Francis has committed apostasy with ‘Fiducia supplicans’

Editor’s Note: Mr. Cahn is a Jew who converted to Christianity and recognizes Jesus as the promised Messiah. In this talk he speaks with greater clarity than nearly all the Catholic Bishops in the West. — Cahn explains that, what Pope Francis is actually doing, is leading us to adore at the crib of the Antichrist. — This video has already garnered 550,000 views.

Cahn has erred only in this, that ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is not a magisterial document and has not been juridically imposed upon the Faithful. But he is right that we should expect massive punishment from God, if this document is not rescinded. It is ABSOLUTELY intolerable that Pope Francis remain as pope.

But, his conclusion that, since the Roman Church is intimately united to Western Civilization, if the Roman Church goes to war against the morality revealed by God, Western Civilization will be destroyed from within her very own foundations, is an extremely important observation and 100% truth.

This is why the Sutri Initiative is not a suggestion of Br. Bugnolo, it is the very and only way to stop the reign of the Antichrist. If you do not take it seriously, to write each of these Bishops and urge Bishops, Cardinals, Clergy, Religious and all laity to do the same, you will be participating in opening the doors to the reign of man of deception, the False Messiah, the Antichrist to come.

And all those influences, who keep gabbing and advocating nothing effective toward removing Pope Francis from power, are the best friends ever of the Antichrist.

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6 thoughts on “Jonathan Chan: Pope Francis has committed apostasy with ‘Fiducia supplicans’”

  1. Another thing, according to the 3rd secret of Fatima, doesn’t the apostasy in the church start at the top? Or is this a misinterpretation? I heard this repeated by Malachi Martin (CIA agent) and am not sure of it’s veracity anymore.

  2. “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”
    Luke 19:40

    Well … the Church silent on the Gospel and here is a stone crying out.

  3. Dear Brother, I have the tracking number of all 20 letters sent through FedEx to the Bishops in and around Rome. They all show they received them on November 20th of last year. I hope they read them and do some good. By the way, if at least one of these Bishops publicly manifest he is in favor of the Sutri initiative, will it be enough to start the process or do we need all of them agreeing? Blessings!

    1. Any one of them can start the process by declaring the Apostolic See impeded by the heresies of Pope Francis. He can also speak with his peers who can vote to convoke such a council and ask them to come together to decide to do this. According to the laws on ecclesiastical elections, those who refuse to vote forfeit their vote. And thus winning the vote is easy. Also, he can dialogue with his peers to see which accept any given heresy of Bergoglio, and then he can declare their sees also impeded by their heretical profession. Thus, even if there is only 1 Catholic Bishop among them all, he can carry the process through in a juridically valid manner. Moreover, there is nothing more despised among Italians than public shame and so it is highly likely that of these 17 individuals the majority are already well disposed to get rid of Bergoglio. The hard thing is that it has not been done in a 1000 years and thus the more letters they receive the more they will feel confident to act. If other provincial councils act similarly and call upon them to act they will have even more confidence to go forward. I already know that priests in the province of Rome who were to be punished for speaking against Bergoglio have had their cases reversed, because their Bishop now understands finally that it is not his priest but Bergoglio who is the problem. I think this is a direct result of the petitions already received.

      I highly encourage everyone who has written to consider writing to Archbishop Vigano. As an Archbishop incardinated in the Vatican, if he should declare the Apostolic See impeded and or join the Sutri Initiative it will raise the bar on removing Bergoglio to a much higher likelihood of success. Vigano is the only Bishop in the Church right now with the courage to do it. And so please write him, if you can, and suggest this.

      You can contact him at

      You can also encourage his fans to do the same at

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