U.S. Govt. is actively preparing to launch the next Scam of ‘Alien Invasion’

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The fact that the U.S. Government launched the scam of U.F.O’s and Alien intelligent races is a known fact of history. On July 8, 1947, the Associated Press (Rothchilds front) reported that the U.S. 509th Bomber Group of the Eighth Airforce through U.S. intelligence had found a “disc” of possible alien origin at Roswell, New Mexico. The truth was that the U.S. government had been experimenting with the design and development of alternate flight vehicles and spying devices in Project Mogul for at least a year. The U.F.O. narrative was the perfect cover to psychologically deflect attention from that program, and it proved so effective that it has been used numerous times since.

The lastest and most clamorous use was a cover for the premeditated mass-murder of the residents of Maui, Hawaii, with high-energy beam technology which now has the capacity to ignite entire neighborhoods in minutes, just as one might imagine alien space craft could do.

Thus, that numerous “journalists” who are known advocates of misinformation to promote or agitate issues which serve the military industrial complex have in the last 12 months begun to speak with increasing seriousness and urgency about the threat of alien invasion, should be a big warning sign that the W.E.F. is preparing to launch the Alien Invasion Scam as a way of covering for the mass murder of millions in urban centers.

I mention this now to warn the public not to believe for a moment in any theories of aliens. Those who are rational can do a little of their own research — it is called reading — to discover that there is no life found anywhere but on Earth — and even if there were life on some yet undiscovered planet (and astronomers have recently discovered hundreds) it runs counter to all laws of physics that one could travel from one solar system to another in any time less than 25,000 years. A simple fact that leads to the rational conclusion, which could be understood even by a child, that invading other planets is simply not a cost or time effective strategy for anything intelligent.

As Christians we are also assured that no intelligent life exists anywhere except in Heaven, Hell or on Earth, simply because God had no other intention in creating, except to create a place for the Incarnation of His Eternal Son as a human, the son of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The purpose of Creation being the greatest honor and glory of God, through the salvation of sinners and the restoration of the Celestial Choirs which were depopulated by the Fall of Angels at the beginning of time.

But the appeal of the threat from outer-space so captivates simple and foolish minds, of non-believers and of Christians who do not think as Christians, that we are apt to see another outburst of mass psychosis as soon as the paid-and-bought media influences all begin to shout in unison: An Alien Invasion has begun.

My own experience talking to those plugged into the Alien Narrative matrix is that like the Covid-Idiots it is impossible to reason with them. If you have any such among your friends, try again to get them to snap out of this diabolical deception wrought by U.S. intelligence Agencies, before they are weaponized against you in the next world-wide False Flag.



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3 thoughts on “U.S. Govt. is actively preparing to launch the next Scam of ‘Alien Invasion’”

  1. Many people witness “UFO” craft in the US.
    I don’t believe they are all lying or crazy, but that the craft are actually being deployed by our own government. This would create a type of urban myth to condition us to believe their narrative.

  2. I’m lucky to have children with some measure of intellect and faithful spiritual accumen to produce Grandchildren equally of strong and inflexible beliefs…And, thank God graciously since I need not argue with them or most of my close family about this lunacy.
    For those not sane, rational and faithful preferring to remain in their Psychological Safe Space of Denial, Lies and Wishful Thinking; we now know they are enemies and though we pray and seek to enlighten…We also are wasting less time and energy towards the conversion as we increasingly view these poor souls as ‘ENEMY’ as they are blinded by the Demonic regardless of appearing devout or not. These souls will get all murdered by opting for stupidity. For those with children and family…This is a risk not to be taken beyond the superficial. We all have choices and unless God indicates we implement more activity to convert, we no longer go the extra mile.

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