Cardinal Parolin confident Vatican is manipulating ‘Fiducia supplicans’ opposition

Editor’s Note: I would say that the Cardinal’s not being dishonest here, because the Vatican assisted by all MSM outlets has succeeded in normalizing sodomy and squelching any discussion that Pope Francis has endorsed heresy and apostasy, sacrilege against the Divine Name, or has impeded the Apostolic See and is no longer, objectively speaking, able to oblige Catholics to any obedience, it being gravely doubtful that he is still in communion with the Church.

Until Catholics snap out of the matrix of lies and begin urging real Catholic militancy, which must now insist on recognize the See is impeded and urging the removal of Pope Francis and Cardinal Fernandez, they will be duped again to participate in the move toward the Satanic, which begins always with Sacrilege against God, such as turning away from God the Father, by praying on the wrong side of the Altar, torturing Jesus Christ in the Sacrament by communion in the hands and without confessing mortal sins, despising Christ by giving him to public sinners, and now the total sacrilege of the Priesthood and the Divine Name by blessing sinful public unions.

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