USA: Catholic Charities assisting in invasion of USA from fake ‘refugees’

 The horrific hypocrisy in Catholic Charities is that they take billions of dollars to assist illegal immigration, and then only give out a 50 cent polyester blanket to the persons they solicit to enter the USA illegally.

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3 thoughts on “USA: Catholic Charities assisting in invasion of USA from fake ‘refugees’”

  1. Good video..and true that many so called ” Catholic charities” are fronts for the revolutionary religion coming out of Pope Francis’mouth ..which would allow Cardinals like Fernandez’ teachings to thrive within its hallowed walls of the Vatican, which contains the martyred bones of StPeter himself. True powerful Relics!!!. I can’t believe God would not allow St Peter himself to stand up and kick them all out, the damned traitors!

  2. The last time of watching Peter Santanello…He was at the Border and not really seeing the truth of the INVASION as he was referring to the INSURGENTS as migrants and his tone was as the Techno-Feudal Fascist Demons planning this attack upon U.S. Sovereignty and ‘The ‘People’ and the VERY LAND ITSELF with the filth and disease existing within it…Not to mention the Slave Trade clearly apparent. If you wish to have a fuller picture of the NGO’s working with Catholic/Lutheran Charities…Michael Yon from Substack and Rumble Outlets is the best one to speak with as he’s constantly flying in and out of The Darian Gap in Panama where the Bush/Clinton/Obastard NGO’s are located to give the THOUSANDS IN LAUNDERED U.S. TAXPAYER $$$ to all for the Cartels storing it in the Off-Shore Central Banks connected to The City of London…As well as to facilitate transportation and connections to steal the single children and young women for Sex Slaves as well as babies sold on the Market from Poverty-Stricken lands.
    Santanello needs to go to Darian Gap and get in touch with Michael Yon. This is the apex evil EVER visited upon the world and it’s getting worse. U.S. POPULATION MUST BE ASHAMED FOR ALLOWING THIS AND TOLERATING THIS AND LYING ABOUT IT FOR PERSONAL GAIN…Those as AOC and the rest of the Nazi Squad on both sides of the aisle.

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