Petition to the U.S. Nuncio for the resignation of Cardinal Fernandez

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I am publishing this for historical record. But the petition is canonically defective, because it is addressed to the U.S. Nuncio who has no power to act on it. And since it fails to ask him to pass the petition on to the Pope, he can simply archive it and ignore it. Someone needs to inform the authors of this petition to correct this canonical error before they mail the petition in. — The petition should be addressed to Pope Francis, and it should not be sent to the U.S. Nuncio, who has personal motives to trash it. It should be sent to Pope Francis, at the Apostolic Palace, Vatican City.

Finally, the objectives should be to get Pope Francis to remove his signature from Fiducia Supplicans, revoke the document, rescind its teaching, remove Cardinal Fernandez and repudiate any notion of a blessing which can be given to a public sinner. Failing that, the objective of the Faithful should be to have Pope Francis removed from office (here is how to do that) as pertinacious impenitent apostate, which he clearly is. — Asking him to repent, I believe is obviously useless, because he has no intention of ever repenting, he does not even believe in such a category, for to him his whimsical will is the truth, the only truth.

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