If you have any self respect as a Catholic, you will demand Dirty Old Men to resign

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Just how many Catholic voices in the last 30 days have demanded anyone resign over the Fiducia supplicans scandal? — In this excellent editorial, one Catholic mom insists that it’s a matter of self-protection to shame morally depraved men who hold office in our Church. — I thank all the Catholics who have joined the Sutri Movement, who have some self respect and a lot of love for Holy Mother Church. — Let us pray and act, so that more Catholics insist on the minimum of decency, that if any of our leaders is a public manifest pervert or dirty old man, that he resign and be pressured to resign. — Tell your priests, frankly. And if they demur to any degree, suggest that they do the Church a favor and resign themselves, and pull your children from their parish.

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One thought on “If you have any self respect as a Catholic, you will demand Dirty Old Men to resign”

  1. Traduction française :

    Par respect envers vous-même en tant que catholique, vous exigerez le départ de ces vieux dégoûtants

    Dites-le à vos prêtres, franchement. Et s’ils se montrent réticents, suggérez-leur de faire une faveur à l’Église, de démissionner eux-mêmes, et retirez vos enfants de leur paroisse.


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