Dr. Jane Ruby’s AFTERTALK with Br. Bugnolo: Wed. Jan 17, 2024

And for those who want an encore showing of the main program:

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Ruby’s AFTERTALK with Br. Bugnolo: Wed. Jan 17, 2024”

  1. Finally! Someone calls out Malone! He pretends to be on the side of truth while encouraging the jab for the elderly who ‘need’ it. Let’s see. Don’t masons play both sides too?

    1. I agree with you. I don’t trust Malone. When Stew Peters interviewed him he was himing and hawing and trying to be very careful with his words and acting coy. He said he had long covid at the time, but I didn’t believe him. I just can’t trust someone who is on the payroll of the DOD and spent years tinkering with bio-weapons.

  2. I love listening to BR. Bugnolo. He’s intelligent and awake. He’s bold and brave. I was listening to him in the midst of the plandemic and was inspired and shared his video’s on other platforms. I’m not Catholic but am a follower of Christ.

  3. Watched your video, and you said the next Pandemic happens will make the internet extremely hard to find information. Check out Bastyon App instead, this will resist. Have a look.


    1. Looks interesting, but their splash page makes a false claim, namely that your cellphone app can access a node in a way the Govt. could not obstruct. That is simply not true, as the recent reroute of my cellphone ip through Washington D.C. before it even entered the net, evidences.

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