Ann Barnhardt Misfires after Fiducia Supplicans

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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This is a follow up report to Prepare Yourself for Grifter Misfires, which I published last month following the publication of the declaration, “Fiducia supplicans” by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, at the Vatican.

In that document, Cardinal Fernandez and Pope Francis attempted to undermine the entire Christian religion by exhorting Catholic clergy to bless sin. And in it they employed a complex layered cake of lies, misinformation, disinformation, ideological shell games, word games, and crocodile-tear like rationales.

At that time I pointed out that those on social media whose interest is NOT in removing the Globalist, Pope Francis, from power, will attempt to divert attention away from that necessity, by yelling out on social media something else, which makes them appear to be opposed to the project in ‘Fiducia supplicans’ but is psycholgically the opposite: that is, to get you wound up about doing something that won’t solve the solution.

And this is exactly what Barnhardt does in her latest essay. For, in her latest piece, she writes as follows:

So long as this full truth of the situation, all the way down to the foundation, the fact that Pope Benedict never validly resigned, is ignored, nothing will get better. St. Peter’s basilica will become THE global faggot wedding destination, and the Church Militant will be reduced to a few people in hiding.

Daniel chapter 9 is current events. The abomination of desolation in the temple is probably the open blessing of sodomy in the Petrine Basilica.

All because NO ONE will simply acknowledge what has been completely visible all along, and at this point, it is utterly incomprehensible why there is this ubiquitous paralysis and pathological refusal to even ask the question: did anything WEIRD, ODD, or UNPRECEDENTED happen in February ARSH 2013 that might have resulted in an Antipope?

Obviously, to say that no one recognizes that the election of Pope Francis in 2013 was invalid, is simply false. There are dozens of scholars and 10 years of debate, which FromRome.Info has documented.

But to say that “no one recognizes” is to psychologicaly instill despair into those who consider themselves opponents of Pope Francis, while SIMULTANEOUSLY urging you to a solution which won’t obviously work.

Ann Barnhardt’s solution is “to recognize”. But just as to recognize that Biden did not lawfully win his election to the presidency in 2020 produces no result of itself, so with Barnhardt’s call to recognize.

But at least, in the USA, no one other than some CNN commentator says, “No one recognizes that the election of 2020 was fraudulent”.

This is what I call a “misfire”. It may even be controlled opposition.

Ann Barnhardt became famous years ago for burning a Koran on Video. This was the year after the investigation into her constructive fraudulent activity resulted in an arbitration decision finding her responsible for $100,000 damages with at least one client began — though it concluded afterwards. She was in a desperate situation and had to reinvent herself. She is now hiding, ostensibly because of her public campaign promoting tax evasion against the claims the IRS made on her person. — Ann Barnhardt became and is more famous among Catholics for having been the first to logically demonstrate the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in 2013 was canonically invalid. Her videos on this remain an excellent introduction to the controversy.

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