Milei denounces the WEF at Davos, 2024

 Editor’s Note: The Argentine President praise of libertarianism conceals the problems with that system, which is masonic and aims to deny the objective moral value to humanity of a system of morality, revealed or inherent in reality and knowable by the human intellect. Immorality leads to corruption which causes all economic systems to fail. That is why libertarianism cannot save, it is simply a temperate form of Satanic economics. — Capitalism also does not work since it regards the highest value as pecuniary profit without regard to quality of product. — Without Christianity no economics will work, even though others still running on the momentum introduced in society from a historical Christian culture, as we see today.

Milei also deeply deceives his audience by stating that all coercion in markets is State based, when actually it is Lodge based. His insistence that monopolies grow naturally out of capitalism and should not be restricted by the State in any way is a total absurdity which denies that “supreme power corrupts supremely” is a maxim of truth in all fields of human endeavor especially economics.

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2 thoughts on “Milei denounces the WEF at Davos, 2024”

  1. He is mandating Government to be exactly what the WEF advocates and acts to regress to with ‘Private/Public Partnerships’ and ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ with Corporations being the arbiter of Government. He danced around the direct thesis; but that was the gist of what he said in totality. At least, that’s what I’ve taken away from his little treatise on display among the Imperialist Fascists.

  2. His often repeated principle is “unrestricted respect for the life project of others” which means no man can restrict the realization of other man’s plans. One’s plan can be to go to a Jewish religious service on the Sabbath but others may be planning Kristallnacht for the same day. The error is in the “unrestricted” part. God is not in Milei’s equation it seems. Any nation without moral restrictions will end up in social chaos.

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