TicTok’s Fake “Father Alexis Bugnolo” Page

Editor’s Note: There are no videos of or by me on TicTok, but TicTok has created a page to draw internet traffick to their site by exploiting my name “Alexis Bugnolo”. They even have a hashtag with 87,000 views for my name without any videos categorized on it. — The CCP must really dislike me. — Oh, and I am a brother, not a father.

This is small fry compared to Google, which if you search for my surname at Reddit, Google will give you 24 links to Father Matthew Schneider’s personal blog (whose most popular writing appears to be his article which trolls me), and none to anything written by me. — Google, the search engine, should change its name to ‘smear engine’.

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4 thoughts on “TicTok’s Fake “Father Alexis Bugnolo” Page”

  1. More than a decade ago, I found some pics of myself on a South Korean eBay like website.

    I was amused and I admit, flattered.

    Look on the bright side. It looks like the materials are on the whole youth oriented. Young people do tend to like edgy, rebellious content that pushes back against their parents’ generation’s assumptions and attitudes.

    So maybe you will reach or are reaching a wider, younger audience than you expected.

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