U.S. Govt reroutes Br. Bugnolo’s cellphone data through Homeland Security?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I was very surprised today to access the internet on my cellphone and find that I was being identified on server logs as using an IP registered to Washington, D.C., on the ATT network out of Indianapolis.

What does this mean? — As I was more than 500 miles from each city, I guesstimate, at the moment this reroute happened?

Well, it seems to mean that my carrier who is not ATT has been told to reroute all my cellphone traffic through Homeland Security in D.C., so that they monitor it before it even goes out to the outside world.

If that ain’t big brother in your bedroom!

It must be that my 5 decade wooden rosary has been classified as a weapon of mass destruction!

Please pray a Rosary with me today, for the down fall of Globalism.

And if you read that I have been suicided in the next few days, I promise to pray for all of you as much as I can in the world to come! Pray for me!

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11 thoughts on “U.S. Govt reroutes Br. Bugnolo’s cellphone data through Homeland Security?”

  1. Br Bugnolo-

    I have now recovered sufficiently from recent heart surgery to resume daily prayer for that group of people for whom I have committed myself to God to pray for every day. Of whom you are one.

    I’ve been falling down on the job lately but I’m back at work now. If the Lord, however, decides to take you home to be with Him, then…I’ll see you later!


  2. Our Blessed Mother will be right at your side along with her Son…as are all of us, your spiritual children in prayer for your safety.

  3. Yes, I will pray a Holy Rosary for you and AJ and always remember both of you in my daily prayers. Virgo Potens pray for us and protect us always under your blue mantle from our enemies visible and the invisible ones & from all their attacks/weapons. Ave Maria.+

  4. How wonderful to see so many beautiful people hold you dear and keep you in their prayers as I do. May the Blessed Virgin Mary hear our prayers and intercede for us.

  5. FINALLY, made it to the end of the Email of the day…
    Indeed, we’re all now classified ‘Domestic Terrorists’ because of our Rosaries of Mass Destruction. PRAYING ALWAYS FOR YOU BR. BUGNOLO!

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